A Supernatural Experience


This year we decided to do things a little differently for Christmas and birthdays. Instead of purchasing something that would get lost, broken, pushed aside, or donated later in the year we decided that we would give our kids experiences that will hopefully stick with them for a lifetime.

Our youngest is really musical and almost came unhinged when she discovered that The Piano Guys were coming to the Warner Theatre in March, especially since cello is her primary instrument. For those of you unfamiliar with The Piano Guys, look them up on YouTube; they have their own channel. One guy plays a cello and the other a piano. They write their own arrangements of popular songs, often combining them with classical music, and then create fun videos with stunning photography. So anyway, we got VIP tickets and took Brenna. I cannot even express how thrilled she was.

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The Princess and the Dragon*Con

I am on the plane about to fly to Dragon*Con, so the post I planned for today is now officially defunct. So I will leave you with this image that pretty much sums up my relationship with both writing and the Fairy GodBoyfriend.

I hope all you waterbabies have a fabulous holiday weekend! Xox