Brand New Release for Harlequin Author Kerri Carpenter!

Psst… it’s me, Carlene Mermaid. Sorry for the whispering, but word on the waterway is that there is a mysterious person purporting to be the Bayside Blogger while at the same time purporting to not be the Bayside Blogger. (Scratches head) and they are lurking in the lagoon, trying to stir up trouble. I don’t know if he/she is the real deal, but I’m not about to let this sneakster steal the spotlight from our fishy sister on her big day.

Today will be a glittery, sparkly day of book releasing celebration if it’s the last thing I do! Join me in this effort, fishy friends! All right, so I’ve just had a swim around and our waters once again seem peaceful. Let’s sit down and tune in to the Bayside author herself, Miss Mermaid Kerri Carpenter, as she gives you the exclusive and ever-so-dazzling scoop on her brand new Harlequin release (and some tips on disguises that perhaps our mysterious person of interest should have followed):

Thank you for answering all my tough questions, Mermaid Kerri! You are MY hero. Maybe when our mysterious blogger’s book comes out later this year, you and said blogger can visit the lagoon together, out in the open. Until then, I know I am so excited to get my hands on and read the next installment of the Saved by the Blog series, Bidding on the Bachelor which is out RIGHT NOW! Click HERE for more info on Kerri’s books.

So readers, with dress up season just around the corner, are costumes a yay or a nay for you? One lucky commenter will be randomly drawn and will win a free copy of Bidding on the Bachelor. Good luck!

A Bit More About the New Release…

Another roll of the dice
Big news, fair readers! Bayside High’s favorite It Girl is back. Would you have bet Carissa Blackwell would ever return? Ten years ago, she crushed Jasper Dumont’s heart under her Jimmy Choos and left town for a bigger, better life. Her return raises one question: What is she running from (or is it to) now?
Perhaps Jasper knows? One look at Carissa and he fell in the bay! (Rich, single and devastatingly handsome, Jasper’s our catch of the day.) That icy plunge should have brought him to his senses, yet “Casper” has been spotted together all over town. Does this mean Bayside’s legendary couple may reunite? The stakes are high, but the Bayside Blogger’s money is riding on love!

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Look for books 1 and 3 in the Saved by the Blog Series:
Falling for the Right Brother, Available now
Bayside’s Most Unexpected Bride, December 2017/January 2018

14 thoughts on “Brand New Release for Harlequin Author Kerri Carpenter!

  1. Happy Book Release Day, hero! I’m picking up my copy today AND one to give away to our lucky readers! I can’t wait to officially meet Casper. I have a feeling they are going to be a great couple! Love you!!!!

    1. Love you too, Hero! Thank you for interviewing me today. I love swimming in the lagoon with you!

  2. Congrats Keri on your newest release (can’t wait to read), your interview with Carlene, and your Bayside Blogger Q&A.
    I think makeup & a wig is the best costume base at work & at play, then you can dress up as desired or not!

    1. Hi there, CJ 😉
      Kerri Mermaid and I always have a good time, mostly because she’s hilariously funny. I agree with you, makeup and a wig can make everyday dress up day.
      We hope you have a great day today and keep that playful spirit all year through!

  3. My least favorite holiday is Halloween so it would be “nay” for me however, I do love seeing the creativity of others.

    Congrats Kerri on your new books!

    1. Hello there, Kate!

      Thank you so much for stopping by. Yeah, I think Halloween is one of those where people are either all in or all out. Understandably. I personally feel like as a product of the 80’s, with the crazy make up and hair and outrageous clothes, I’m called to let that girl out on Halloween. Hahaha! Maybe you could give that a try. Remember the thick eyeshadow stripe that went all the way from temple to temple? In metallic purple or blue? Good stuff!

      Have a great rest of your day!

  4. I think it would be fun to dress up for Halloween if there was a party going on! But haven’t been to a Halloween party since…..well, it’s been a long time! Congratulations on your new book, I loved the first one in the series!

    1. Hi Terry!

      So happy to see you here. Oh my goodness, yes, I too love “Falling for the Right Brother”. Cam is such a great hero and I love rooting for Elle. I remember when Kerri first told me the premise for this new series she was working on. As soon as she said it was like the tv shows “Saved by the Bell” meets “Gossip Girl”, I knew she had a hit on her hands.

      I have a feeling you could do lots of fun stuff with dressing up! You should do something fun this year, even if there is no official party, be your own party! That’s what I plan on doing. Hey, who says that dressing up and handing out candy to cute little kids isn’t a party? Hahahaha!! I say it’s the perfect one. xoxoxo

  5. Happy Second day of Fall everyone! And thank you so much to everyone who swam by and visited us. I am very happy to announce that Kate is our winner of Kerri’s book! Congratulations and enjoy the read!

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