Your Book Boyfriend: Know When You’ve Gone Too Far

Denny S. BryceThere are rules to be followed in the world of fiction – television or books or film – one of the big rules is to know when your book/TV/film boyfriend obsession has gone beyond reason.

Now, I know nothing about this malady. I have never crossed the line. But some of my author friends and others have taken the concept of the book/fiction boyfriend too far. I may not be able to help them (too late), but some of you are only on the verge of toppling over the edge of the cliff. This post is for you.

Below are eight (8) signs that the crazy is in you, and you’d better watch out.

1. You write blogs where you deny you have a book boyfriend. If you do this, take a moment and think about it. (You may have a problem).

2. While listening to your audiobook and driving along 495, you suddenly pull over to curse out your book boyfriend’s wife because she is treating him badly. (You may have a problem).

3.  They (tv producers) make a TV show about your book boyfriend and you read EVERYTHING the actor portraying him (brilliantly, I may add) has ever said publicly, on Twitter, on FB, and you have a YouTube folder just for him…oh, too much information)…(You may have a problem).

4. Pinterest knows about your fictional boyfriend and fuels your madness with daily new photos of the actor who portrays your book boyfriend. (You may have a problem).

5. Your friend whose name you sometimes forget photoshops your image on a photo of a woman standing next to the actor who plays your book boyfriend, and you don’t care. It works for you. The photo doesn’t even look photoshopped. (You may have a problem).

5. You search the books you’ve read featuring your book boyfriend for his name and reread all of the passages where he says, I love you. (Sadly, this may represent more than just a problem).

6. You are planning a trip to the Highlands, which was never on your bucket list until 2014, when you first started reading the book where you found your book boyfriend. (This will cost a lot of money…you may have a problem).

7. You have given up other fiction boyfriends (sorry, Dean Winchester) because it’s too hard to juggle more than one man. (You may have a problem).

8. And finally, if you don’t believe you have problem…just ask somebody…:)…

Anything here remind you of someone? Posting here might be a good place to start healing:)…