Carlene Mermaid’s Visit to the Set of The Voice!

Happy Hump Day, fishy friends! Carlene Mermaid here. This Monday night I attended a live taping of NBC’s hit show, The Voice, and it was amazing! Unfortunately, no phones or photography were allowed inside Stage 12 on the Universal Studios Hollywood back lot where they film. But did this mermaid let that stop her? No! I just so happened to have a small notepad and pen to capture the moments old school. I give you my pictorial review of Monday night’s The Voice… PS–Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams, Christina Aguilera, Carson Daly and Jason Derulo really are that sparkly! But Pharrell is the sparkliest of them all. Le sigh…






And here is Blake singing “Sangria” which was absolutely beautiful live and in person!

16 thoughts on “Carlene Mermaid’s Visit to the Set of The Voice!

  1. I LOVE Blake (and LOVE The Voice), and this song – awesome, and Mermaid Carlene – so jealous! You are getting around, Missy. California is treating you very well!

  2. Hi Denny and Pintip!

    I felt so bad because I’d vowed to be the Mermaid Roving Reporter for the pond and so I hoped my scribbles did at least a little bit of justice to how fun this was. I have to also say that the company who takes care of the studio audience, 1Iota, is a class act. I like writing heroines who hold these types of jobs. Fun! Have a wonderful day, fishy sisters. xoxo

  3. Susan, hi! It’s definitely fun out here and I wish we could all go on a field trip!

    Kate, that little notepad of yours is coming in very handy! Glad you traveled all the way from Alaska with it and then made it mine. xoxoxo

  4. Carlene,
    “BE YOUR OWN KIND OF BEAUTIFUL.” You’re my kind of beautiful! I loved that saying on the notepad most of all. Because I’m goofy like that.
    Your notes had such great attention to detail. And the sketches. I felt like I was there. haha
    Although I selfishly wish you were still here in my backyard (well, not in my literal backyard because that would be weird), I’m glad you’re having such a great time where you are.
    Thanks for the fun post!

  5. Hola Dalton! The studio is actually very small compared to how grand everything looks on TV. It was definitely fun having the coaches right there to our left sitting in those now iconic chairs. The contestants were all crazy good. I mean, every single one of them is already a star as far as I’m concerned! Do you have a favorite? Clearly mine is Pharrell. xoxoxo

      1. Kimberly just melted us all to tiny pieces with Creep. Oh my gosh. It was so good. Sawyer was really sweet but also has the chops to make people take him seriously. So glad I got to gab about The Voice with you!

  6. Kerri and Kim, I love you and miss you both! I’m telling you, field trip!!!

    And Kim, you have a very nice backyard. I’d totally camp out there as long as you brought me snacks every now and then. xoxoxo

  7. Perfectly stated just like we were there all over again! And the icing on the cupcake was Jason Derulo singing & dancing his Want To Want Me with Kimberly & India right in front of us! What fun dancing to him twice, once with “smoke” and once without! Can’t wait to do it again with the 5’2″ crew! 😉

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