A Metric Ton of the Mondays

Yeah. It's that kind of day. I don’t like being in a bad mood.

Yes, bad things happen and we deal with them. I don’t want to get it off my chest, or talk about it ad nauseum…I just want to move on.

When several bad things in a row happen, I want to quietly hide from the rest of the world until tomorrow.

Last night went south pretty quickly. I didn’t have the materials I needed for something, I got another email from Spark telling me that the picture book art file I took a day to fix was wrong AGAIN (it took me an entire day to upload it the first time), and YouTube called me a bad name and took away my rights to make advertising money on my fairy tale rant videos. Forever. Without telling me why. Or paying me what they owe me. Because apparently, they don’t have to.

As this drama unfolded, a friend online told me I was having a Monday.

I have not had a “Monday” in the traditional sense of the word in a very long time. One month from today my father will retire (congrats, Dad!) and I’ve warned him about the perception of time once one doesn’t punch a clock for a day job. Monday-Sunday blurs together and they become instead “The Day to Take the Garbage Out” or “The Day I Have to Answer the Phone When it Rings” (like Christmas, or your birthday. PS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DENNY MERMAID!).

I ate my dinner in silence and shuffled off to bed (did I mention the bad ankle?) without preamble just to get the day over with. I even had anxiety nightmares…like icing on the cake. The Whatever-Day-Yesterday-Was Cake.

I’m curious — what do you guys do when you have a particularly bad day? Do you wish, like me, that the world would swallow you whole for a bit? Or do you celebrate?

I’m celebrating a new day this morning, that’s for sure.

This new day that would be…Tuesday?

5 thoughts on “A Metric Ton of the Mondays

  1. My Monday consisted of driving back to VA. But my Tuesday started off with my alarm not going off (because I forgot to set the right time) so I was 40 minutes late, jumping out of bed like a maniac only to realize it was POURING. Harry, who usually doesn’t even notice rain, would NOT go out. Had to leave for work. Spent an hour and a half pleading with all of my neighbors to take him out. (One finally did – thank God and poor Harry!) Busy, busy, busy day at work and will be like this for the next week. Am currently eating lunch, catching up on emails, trying to do some book promo. How do I handle? The large glass of wine waiting for me will help greatly! 😉

    1. Hooray for good neighbors and BOO for dumb alarms!

      See…this is why I’m often sad I don’t drink. You are a wise woman. 🙂

    1. HA!
      I was all set to send you hugs, and then saw the link.
      This is why I love you. And also because you are a superawesome concert buddy.

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