Giving Thanks and *Still* Writing

SusanMermaidI must confess, this is not a Thanksgiving I will be happy to remember. Multiple instances of sad news from family and friends, the highways are already treacherous with distracted drivers, and the Ferguson grand jury results and resulting suffering are bad enough. A snowstorm forecast which will cancel all family journeys (three of us to Maryland, one to Rochester).

snow mahopac 2013

Last winter at Casa Snowbound.

And, since I didn’t expect to be home for the holidays, I didn’t buy anything at all for the weekend! And yet, we console ourselves that there is plenty of food in the refrigerator (thank you again, Peapod!). I have Wednesday off to prepare (thank you, benevolent employer!). I have a loving  family (please let Young Son and his sweetheart travel safely tomorrow, in spite of the snow). How will I make use of these five glorious days of leisure (three glorious days, since tomorrow and Thursday are devoted to falling over with cookingcookingcooking and eatingeatingeating)? I’m going to try to jumpstart my writing again. Princess Daisy has recently discovered the joy of dictation in writing her second tome. She even dictates into her Evernote application on the way to and from work! *Cue jealous rage*. Can I imitate her success? I am determined! I will succeed! You heard it here first: Thanksgiving 2014 will be a breakthrough weekend for this writer. We will master the skill of dictating our story! I’m apparently famous for the talent of excessive talking, I believe success is inevitable. DO YOU HAVE ANY WRITING GOALS FOR THE HOLIDAY WEEKEND? OR DO YOU MERELY WANT TO EATEATEAT AND TURKEYCOMA? SusanMermaid