What Are You Doing This Weekend? – Baltimore Book Festival!

imgresThe next four weeks are going to be CRAZY busy — just the way I like it.

The past two months have been insane. I’ve been buried in the writer’s cave with the occasional ‘break’ to attend events like the Writers’ Police Academy, and this weekend the Baltimore Book Festival, and week after that, PhauxCon (visit website for details:), and then the New Jersey Romance Writers Conference (RWA Chapter) — but in between the travel I am writing, plotting, researching — but it’s what I want to do (and love to do:).

But this weekend you should join me.

I’m a special events kind of gal. I like when people gather to talk about a common interest, to share what they know and care about with people who know and care about similar things, to me that is the heart of a conference – a gathering of people who want to learn, share, and meet! Well, if you’re into books – reading them, writing them, talking about them – you must leave your house this weekend and head to Baltimore, Maryland. The annual Baltimore Book Festival begins this Friday, September 26, and I’m going to be there all weekend! And yes, finding me is the main reason to come to the festival:). Okay, not really, but I am doing more than hanging out, I’m also going to be on two panels (and I’m really excited!).

Let’s begin with some highlights:

Location, location, location – New in 2014. This year the BBF is taking place in and around the Baltimore Inner Harbor (a part of the city I ADORE!). You’ll love it.

Maryland Romance Writers, RWA Chapter, has a full schedule of activities, panel discussions, reader events, and have invited special guest authors from all over. Spend a day or spend the weekend:).

There’s lots more than romance, too! And to make it easy to find EVERYTHING! They have a freaking app! I love tech stuff!

So please take a moment and check it out! But if you want to see me:)…you can find me Friday and Saturday – see blurb below!

Reflecting the World: Writing Diverse Characters

September 26, 2014

Maryland Romance Writers Stage
Fostering tolerance and exploring multiculturalism is one of the finest traditions in literature and may be more important now than ever before. Join six authors whose characters reflect a spectrum of race, ethnicity, gender, class, and sexual orientation.

Panelists: Denny S. Bryce; Robin Covington, Temptation; Ginger Jamison; Laura Kaye, Hard to Hold Onto; Lea Nolan, Allure; Damon Suede, Bad Idea

Page-Turning Suspense

September 27, 2014
Maryland Romance Writers Stage
Love thrills and chills? Meet authors whose books keep you turning pages at night and leave you a little bit afraid to turn out the light.

Panelists: Denny S. Bryce; Joya Fields; Avery Flynn, Enemies on Tap; Shelley N. Greene; Laura Kaye, Hard to Hold Onto; Nancy Weeks, In the Shadow of Pride; Rebecca York, Betrayed

Okay, there are TONS of panels, and LOTS of authors to see and if you want to indulge your inner romance author fan-girl (like me), this is the weekend to be in Baltimore!

So, will I see you this weekend? Hope so!

Denny S. Bryce

9 thoughts on “What Are You Doing This Weekend? – Baltimore Book Festival!

  1. Oh, I really wish I could go! 🙁 I’m jealous of people who get to go to Writing Diverse Characters. I missed it at Nationals as well because of a conflict.
    Have fun! Take lots of notes for me.

  2. Denny! Hold the phone. Laura Kaye is gonna be on not one but two panels with Denny S. Bryce???? Laura is a lucky girl. (wink) And I love that she’s putting out a sequel to Hearts in Darkness.

    I will be at there in Maryland in silly fan girl spirit. I hope you’ll do a blog about the experience of being on the panels.

    I’m going to take a moment now to invite you ladies to come visit me! I’m not doing any panels because I don’t kick butt like you, Denny, but in case you needed an excuse to take a trip out to Southern California, I’m registered for the California Dreamin’ Conference which takes place March 27-29, 2015, in Brea, California.



    1. Hey Honey, that sounds tempting! I am planning on heading back to RT Booklovers convention in 2015 – so it might be tough to add another conference this year. Any chance we can get you hear for either Retreat or RWA (it’s in NYC, you know:)…

  3. This sounds awesome, Denny! Two panels? Wow. You’re going to be spectacular. I so wish I could go, but alas, I don’t think I’ll be able to work it out. Have FUN! And report back. 🙂

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