It’s Retreat Time!

Dana MermaidIt’s Thursday. How did it get to be Thursday already!?! Tomorrow morning I leave for Washington Romance Writers Retreat and I haven’t even begun to pack. My CDO (my OCD is alphabetized) is kicking in. I must make a list!

Let’s see, what’s important?
1. Clothes (Yep, I’m betting that it’ll be too cold to be naked, so clothes would be good. Plus, probably no one needs to see that. ☺ )
2. Make Up and Toiletries (Definitely important! And might even hide the under-eye luggage after a wild night singing karaoke or playing romance jeopardy with this rowdy crew.)
3. WINE (Which will make me brave enough to sing karaoke and hang out with all of these crazy women… and Tim. ☺ )
4. Chocolate (Because one must eat.)
5. Costume Stuff for Karaoke and Romance Jeopardy (Like anyone needs a reason for fun.)
6. Notebook and Pens (To write down those pearls of wisdom from all of those fabulous workshops!)
7. Gift Basket Donations (Hmm… must go shopping. I’m thinking more wine and chocolate, maybe some yummy smelling lotion.)
8. Book Donations (One must give back, after all… Especially when ones bookshelves are overflowing into multiple boxes and bags.)
9. Money and return address labels for Raffle Tickets (I don’t know how I’m going to win without Carlene—our luckiest mermaid and perhaps the luckiest person on the planet based on how much that girl wins—to rub my raffle tickets on before tossing them into each bag. (You will be missed this year, sweetie!)
10. And Friends! (Because what would retreat be without catching up with old friends and making new ones?)

It’s been a busy week full of that darn day job, cello rehearsals, lacrosse games and a crew dry walling my basement. I feel like I’ve run a marathon and its not even 8:00am, but now that I have my list—all is right with the world. I can hardly wait to pack and get on the road. WRW Retreat here I come!

So now that I’ve told you what’s on my list, what do you pack for a writing conference?

6 thoughts on “It’s Retreat Time!

  1. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT RETREAT!!!! (And seeing my fabulous roomie!)

    I am going nutso because I’m packing for Retreat AND my work conference, which I have to leave for directly from Retreat. Needless to say, these are 2 very different events. So yes, please bring wine. Lots of wine! And more wine! And chocolate! I will be bringing sparkles. Yay! 😉

  2. Here’s my pre retreat list: Do some laundry so I can pack, because as you said- Nudity is verboten., I’m now also packing goggles to protect me from Kerri’s sparkles, and maybe the goggles will double as my jeopardy costume. I need to remember to bring the 12 pack of Diet coke that Candy left in my house, and address labels (thanks for the reminder), and some cash, and CHARGERS- I’d hate to have a dead phone. Maybe some swag to pimp my new book. See you all tomorrow!

  3. Underwear. That’s a must. When I packed for SCBWI in February, I did it at the last minute, thinking, “It’s a weekend! I don’t need much!” So when I finally arrived in NYC, I found multiples in my bag. Same exact stuff in duplicate because when I packed, I couldn’t remember whether I’d already thrown it in or not. Then….no underwear. Not a stitch. My friend Jen who lives in NY went to the store to buy me some. We were passing a bag of underwear in the lobby like a bad drug deal.
    So, this year. First in…underwear! Yay, me! And maybe I’ll try to cut down on putting multiples of everything else in there. But, I have that sinking feeling that I’m going to be tossing random crap in my car at the last minute. Cuz that’s how I roll!
    See you at retreat!
    All my Amazon prime karaoke stuff arrived yesterday! Hooray! 🙂 I have to admit to trying on the belly dancing bangly things….shhhhh….

  4. Yay Kerri! Sparkles are a must!

    Great point with the chargers, Lynne. I had that happen last year. I was so fortunate that someone else had the same phone as me and graciously loaned me their charger periodically.

    And underwear! Thanks for that Kim! I can’t stop laughing. One of my friends was telling me about the time she got to Nationals, checked into the room she was sharing with a total stranger and then when she went to dress for bed she realized that she’d forgotten PJs! Talk about awkward!

    I can’t wait to see you all at retreat tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear what everyone forgets to pack. Hopefully it’s nothing important! 🙂

  5. Yay Dana!! Thanks for getting me all excited about tomorrow. I haven’t packed yet, either, but now I have a packing list, thanks to you. 🙂 Let’s hope nothing essential is forgotten. See you tomorrow!

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