Where Do You Write?

pintipThe place I write most often is my recliner.

My favorite place to write is probably in my bed, first thing in the morning, when I’m snuggled into my pillows, sleepy and uninhibited.

The strangest place I’ve ever written is flat on my back, under a glass coffee table, dictating to a laptop which is face-down on the glass.

I’ve written almost everywhere, in coffee shops and on airplanes, in friends’ houses and libraries, on the sidelines at gymnasiums and swimming pools, at the beach, a ski lodge, a bench at the Navy Pier in Chicago. Basically, anytime I have a free moment, I pull out my iPhone and write.

But where am I most productive? This answer might surprise you. I certainly never would’ve expected it.

In my car. Yep, that’s right. Behind the wheel, my seat slid all the way back, parked on some side street or lot. Sometimes, I’m between appointments, and it’s not worth my time to drive all the way home. Other times, I’ve been known to drive to a parking lot and sit for eight hours, finding a coffee shop or restaurant for food and restroom breaks.

I’m not sure WHY I’m so productive in the car. Maybe it’s the complete and utter lack of distractions. Maybe it’s because the seats aren’t comfortable enough to make me feel drowsy. Maybe it’s because I’d feel silly hanging out in my car if I *weren’t* writing. Whatever the reason, I can almost guarantee a high word count and minimal wasted minutes when I write in a parked car.

So why don’t I do it more often? Good question. I’m not really sure — although I suspect it has something to do with the fact that I’m weird but not quite weird enough to make that my regular office space.

What about you? What’s your favorite/most productive/weirdest place that you write?

4 thoughts on “Where Do You Write?

  1. Pintip,
    I write most often in my car, too! Or else at my sticky kitchen table after the kids have left for school. Sometimes I write in bed. Sometimes I write in a cramped chair in the living room. I have never written in an office…mostly because I don’t HAVE an office. 🙂
    When I have a time slot of three hours, three times a week sitting in my car at back-to-back soccer practices, I almost HAVE to write in the car.
    It doesn’t really matter WHERE you write as long as you do it.
    Off to write at a sticky kitchen table this morning. I may even wipe down my “office space” today.

  2. Lately, I’ve had the BEST brainstorming sessions while I walk my dog. We go on a 45 minute walk every day after work and something about that time – I decompress, Harry sniffs every tree we come into contact with and I come up with these amazing ideas.

    I also do really well writing in my day job office during my lunch hour. I think I get so much out because I know I only have a limited amount of time to be productive. And I’ve written quite a bit at Denny-Mermaid’s house. 😉

  3. I’ve written on the train, at the doctor’s office while I wait for labs, tests, MRIs, whatever — but especially at my dining room table. I can see the TV in the living room, the kitchen, the back porch and the changing of seasons and wildlife. Since I don’t have an “office”, my writing space is where I decide it is.

    Thanks for a provocative post and a nice challenge!

  4. Hi Pintip, sorry I’m so late getting to your post but I have a great reason and that’s because I’ve been seriously locked into writing this month. There is something unique about the car. I’ve written in my car while parked at the grocery store lot. Don’t know the reason, but it works! Have a great week!

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