Golden Heart and Rita nominees, oh my!

SusanMermaidFriends, this is the LAST DAY in 2014 when RWA members will be in the dark. Yes, tomorrow is The Day for the announcement of Golden Heart and Rita finalists!

Hi, Rita! <3

Since you all know I’m incredibly helpful in dealing with anxiety (first lie), I offer these ideas (gleaned from the incredible brains of the young men I teach).

– play video games
– watch movies
– go to the gym
– play sports
– listen to music
– lock yourself in a dark room and avoid talking (really!)
– get your guitar and rock out
– there is no such thing as anxiety in my world (yes, he really said that)

courtesy Darien Times

This, as opposed to the usual stress ideas I see on other blog posts, which usually I include references to cookies, ice cream and alcohol consumption.

Also, I have two family members who are entered in the Golden Heart this year.  Just imagine the free-floating anxiety at home today…

So, GOOD LUCK to all our GH and Rita entrants!  Throwing copious sparkles in your direction today and please allow me to offer an online fruity drink.  With parasol.  And fresh fruit garnish.

About Susan Jeffery

I am loving the challenge (sometimes) of re-entering the contemporary romance market after a lifetime of raising two fantastic children (it never ends, btw). Just when I thought I was done with kids, I accepted a position as librarian to 900 boys in a Bronx private school. I'm a vintage published author, Harlequin American #206 Fair Game (1987). Winner of the Golden Heart, 1986. Currently exploring the possibility of indie publishing under my new pseudonym (see fresh name, above).

7 thoughts on “Golden Heart and Rita nominees, oh my!

  1. Good luck to everyone who entered the GH or the Rita! While I like your students suggestions, Susan-Mermaid, I think I’ll stick to my tried & true large glass of wine! 😉

    1. Been there, done that, Kerri. I was going to add the adult list (cookies, ice cream, margaritas by the pitcher) but figured you all know the grownup version of this kind of coping already!

  2. Good luck to all entrants–whether Golden Heart® or RITA®! As I’ll be on a field trip tomorrow with my daughter, I’ll have to congratulate everyone in the afternoon. 🙂
    And good luck to your family members, Susan! Fingers crossed…

  3. Susan, I love this list that your students came up with! Going to the gym and playing sports is much better than indulging in food. Better for you, at least. Ha ha. Good luck to your family tomorrow!

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