Publishers/Authors/Publishing: It’s All About the Kwan? Right?

Denny S. BryceI am excited. After a fabulous writing weekend retreat, I am jazzed anew about writing. Even if lately, I’ve been  jazzed about writing pretty much all the time:)! Just getting things done and submitted makes me happy. But being in the company of writers always fuels my creative juices. And in addition to talking about writing, craft, deadlines, and the number of commas I can put on a page (don’t ask:), we sometimes talk about what’s  in the news or what author blogs are saying about the publishing industry.

I’m not going to share my POV on any of the content listed in the links below (obviously, I’m thrilled about the great news for two fantastic authors:), but the round-up of links below is for your enjoyment, and in case you missed some of these items during the past few months. So take a moment to read or ignore, but as in the first quarter of any new year, publishers and authors have been talking about money – who has it, who doesn’t, and how they can make more or not lose out on the big bucks waiting to be raked in.

As you might imagine, I like money, so these topics and headlines interest me:).

However, the subject of today’s post is not art, or marketing, or writing the best book you can write. It is a  journey through a few news headlines and author blog posts that caught my attention. Have fun, and do feel free to share your thoughts!

Publishers Weekly – Book Sales Decline Slows in 2013

The Guardian – Hugh Howley Calls for Author Earnings Revolution (internet news article, not a blog post)

Publishers Weekly – Sales Up at S&S, But Profits Dip

Huff Post Books – Self-Publishing – The Myth and the Realty

Lexi Revellian Blog Post – Why Authors and Trade Pubs Don’t Reveal Earnings

Delilah Marvelle Blog Post – An Open Letter to the CEO of Kensington Publishing

The Hollywood Reporter – Sylvia Day Signs Blockbuster $10 Million+ Deal With New Publisher for Next Series

Entangled in Romance – Operation Cinderella to be a Major Motion Picture

Have a great Tuesday!


10 thoughts on “Publishers/Authors/Publishing: It’s All About the Kwan? Right?

  1. Thank you, Denny, for these links. I’m morbidly curious about the self-publishing road, and avoid all the “wow, big bucks deal!” article like the plague. I have a decent idea where I want to go, it’s just so hard to put myself out there!

    (now I’ll go back to researching better insulation for my house…)

    1. :)…yes, I know these is so much being said, I like to keep it all in a folder and look at it periodically to note the shifts in the conversation. And these days I don’t even differentiate between forms of publishing (digital, traditional, self-pub), whatever way or ways that work with the author’s long-term goals is the way to go!

  2. Denny,
    I so admire you! I can’t even keep my kids’ papers organized from their weekly folders. I don’t know how you do it. But, it’s organized, professional women like you who provide links for helpful information that keep me AT ALL informed. 🙂
    I will start at the beginning of those links and work my way down. A few I’ve read only because some helpful person on one of loops provided that link. Lol. I’m so lazy. Maybe I should venture into finding my own articles/blog posts to read…
    I’ll just rely on you.
    Great post. I’m glad your writing retreat got you all jazzed up. It is amazingly wonderful to be in the company of other writers, isn’t it? I’m jealous that my husband had to fill in at work. I would have loved to have been able to come. 🙁

  3. Next time, we’ll make certain to reach out to you early! We did talk about you lovingly:)…

    As for these links, I don’t know why I like keeping up with these things, but when they appear, I store links in my browser, so you might see more of this from me in the future:), too.

  4. I’m sorry – I just keep reading the Sylvia Day article over and over. Holy bejesus!

      1. Not gonna share, but I applaud her ability to maximize. I didn’t want to read the article but figured it was a good lesson in “what is possible”. Sometimes I’m tired of being in the 99%. *drags self back to plot board*

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