My Dog Doesn’t Feel Like It

Three weeks ago, I got a dog!!!

Now that the initial excitement has subsided (well, somewhat), Harry and I are settling into our routine and getting to know each other. While he’s the most perfect, adorable dog ever, there have been some trying moments.

My name is Harry & I'm the cutest!

My name is Harry & I’m the cutest!

One thing in particular is a real challenge. Sometimes Harry doesn’t always want to walk. We’re outside with all the other dogs, he’s on his leash and I have treats. Doesn’t seem to matter. Harry plops himself down on the ground and just sits. Unmovable. Not budging for anything – even the bacon treats I bought and know he likes.

He doesn’t seem to care that it’s 95 degrees with full humidity and mommy is starting to look like a creepy, melting wax figure. He’s not particularly impressed when I try to use different tones of voice or a variety of catch phrases and key words. “Come on, Harry.” “Let’s walk.” “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DOG!”

And even when I point out to Harry that all of the other doggies like to walk with their owners, he appears indifferent. Or he licks himself. I commend his independence and strong sense of self, but sometimes mommy needs to get to work. Unless my cute little poodle mix would like to dust off his resume, get a job and help with the bills.

This not-walking has been a source of contention in our otherwise copacetic relationship. But the other night, it hit me. Harry’s not stubbornly sitting down to spite me. He’s doing it to tell me something – to send me a message.

He needs a break. Simple as that.

How often do I push myself in my writing (not to mention, in my life) when I’m tired, overwhelmed, stressed out. The writing is never good, which tends to stress me out even more. Sometimes I need a little rest.

But I must throw up a big flag of caution. Taking a breather is not the same as quitting. You can’t give up. The trick is to figure out that delicate balance between giving yourself a break and knowing when to push a little more. Let’s all be honest. It’s super easy to justify taking a break. I’ve thought about 13 different reasons why I need a break just writing this post. But I decided to forge ahead.

Now, if only I could get Harry to follow me.

I like to "help" with laundry.

I like to “help” with laundry.