Today? You’re Dead To Me

I don’t know about you, but this is how I try to start my day. At least after the first twelve cups of coffee.


But there are days that pick me up by the red highlights and tosses me around like a mouse being thrashed to death by an alley cat.

And I want to do this to the day:


Then, someone does something that normally would make me giggle – or at worst roll my eyes – and I overreact like this (sorry Denny):


As we all know, a good friend will call you on your bullshit. And when she does (thank you Denny) I’m as embarrassed as if I’d just gotten caught doing this:


But it’s all good, because that helps me get to that place where I can do this:


OK, I’m not gonna lie. I can do that because of a little help from this:


and good friends who commiserate with me like this (thanks Robin and Kim):


Finally, I beat that awful day in a dance off.


Then, I wake up and it’s a new day. Damn it, I will own it. You will too.


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24 thoughts on “Today? You’re Dead To Me

    1. You can only be Phoebe if you sing Smelly Cat. Really loud. In public. While wearing a mic. I think that’s a brilliant idea for our next girls night out.

  1. Avery,
    What a riot! I love when I start my day off laughing. I’m sorry that it seems to be at your expense. LOL.
    Great pics. If you’re ever having a bad day, I’m RIGHT DOWN THE ROAD!!!! Call me. 🙂
    Hope all yours todays and all your tomorrows are the bomb. In a good way.

    1. There is a great children’s book called Alexander and the Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. It is a favorite of the Flynn kids. Definitely worth checking out – even as a grown up. 🙂

  2. Sometimes you just have to laugh because it hurts too much to cry. 😀 Not only that, it makes people think you’re a bit ‘unwell’…they tend to give you a wide berth.

    Have a great day no matter what! Raising a double cup of Vanilla Bean Latte to you, Avery! 🙂

  3. Avery, this is awesome and hilarious, as always. Next time you are feeling down, just think about how awesomely hilarious you are. Big hugs! 🙂

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