Mermaid Out of Water

It may seem like all we mermaids ever do is sit around the lagoon, sipping fruity drinks with paper umbrellas and writing books, but that’s simply not the case. And I have the pictures to prove it.

First of all, we don’t always imbibe tropical drinks. Sometimes, we drink champagne, too.

photo (10)

Once in a while, we’ll even venture onto land.

We might take our mer-babies to the playground.

photo (11)

Or visit the cupcake store and pick up a dozen red velvets.

photo (12)

And of course, we love going to the bookstore!

photo (13)

What about you, my watery friends? Where have you wandered today?

18 thoughts on “Mermaid Out of Water

  1. Ha-ha – funny stuff! I love it!

    I’ve wondered to the exotic shores of day job, to be followed by the mystical land of boot camp class at my gym. I know, try to contain your excitement! 😉

  2. Like Kerri, it’s day job for me. This evening it’s back to the sewing machine for the thrilling next installment of the Saga of Mark’s New Bedroom Curtains. Plus heavy fantasizing about a new sewing machine – since I seem to have a heavy case of Spendacitis this winter…

    1. Susan! That’s so impressive! I didn’t know you sewed. If you get a new sewing machine, just think of all the money you can save on future curtains and the like…sounds like a good trade to me!

    1. Ha, Mary Jo – sounds like my day. Thanks for the reminder to fit in some exercise today. have fun!

  3. O.M.G. This is TOO funny and I love it! And yes, we don’t just drink fruity drinks, as the queen of the bubbly, if I may dub myself with such a title, I agree with all of these Mermaid past-times (except my wee-mer is 30 years old, and about to get married, and of course, he would HATE it if he saw the wee-mer name, but you know, he’s a guy:)…

    My past-times…drinking massive amounts of caffeine. I also LOVE TV, yes, I do. Especially vampire, supernatural, stuff, and silly comedies like New Girl. :)!

    Excellent post Mermaid Pintip!

  4. Yes, Denny, you can be Queen of the Bubbly. And if Alethea is Princess…then what’s left for me? Lady-in-Waiting? Lady-in-Waiting of the Bubbly…has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? I love the name “wee-mer”! Will have to use it myself. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!

  5. Pintip, what about Duchess Bubbly? Aww, I love your little mermaid on a stick. I would like to blow her a kiss. I hope you caught it. Hmm, this mermaid just spent two hours in Target where I found my favorite soap (second fave to Lush soaps)–Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap. Right now I will tuck my fins in for a nice long writing session while peeping out the window every few seconds to see if my Jason Lewis Amazon purchases will arrive! 😉

    1. Duchess Bubbly. Love it. Now, Target’s another fun mermaid destination, and I will really have to try out these Lush soaps I keep hearing so much about. Good luck with the writing today; it’s a good day for it, with the weather outside! 🙂

  6. Pintip,
    What fun! Now I wish I had a little mermaid avatar to take with me while I’m running around town. I think I will. Next time I’m having lunch by myself in a restaurant, I’m going to prop it up against the salt shaker and just have a nice conversation with my other half. I’ll report back and tell you how it goes. Should be fun and a great topic of conversation at the nearby tables. LOL.
    Or better yet…we can meet for lunch and put both avatars across from us and talk to them. 🙂
    This reminds me of Flat Stanley. All the mermaids should do this and have a day to post our fun pictures and adventures. Great idea, Pintip. If I can ever figure out how to get the new ink cartridge in my printer, I’m doing this.
    Hmmmm. Now to find the day for us to do it. 🙂

    1. Hi Kim! Yes, our mermaid avatars will definitely have to do lunch! How fun would that be?! We might get some strange looks, but it will be worth it.

      And you’re absolutely right. I got the idea from a Flat Stanley project I did. (This year, Flat Stanley went to the D.C. Auto Show; last year, he went to Thailand. That Flat Stanley is certainly an adventurer.) I took such cute pictures with Flat Stanley that I wanted to try it out with a mermaid, too! 🙂

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