The Mermaid Period

[Due to illness, the part of Kerri Mermaid will be played today by Alethea Mermaid. ]

***sprinkles glitter***

As some of you may know, I have a side job that I love…but one I can’t really talk about.

It’s not a “day job” — writing is my day job now, and I don’t make enough from this side job to do much more than pay my AT&T bill every month.

Lots of writers in the DC area have jobs they can’t talk about, so it’s a pretty common theme around here. Most of those jobs involve a security clearance. Mine involves lots of shots and First Aid training.

I am a substitute for the Loudoun County Youth After School program (YAS). It’s only three hours a day, on school days, and only when I get called in. I cover regular leader and supervisor positions in nine schools.

And that’s pretty much all I can tell you. Because when one works with minors, one is sworn to secrecy about their actions,  conversations, and identities.

I am not, however, sworn to secrecy about my own efforts that come about as a result of the YAS program. For instance, let’s take this masterpiece right here:

Earlier this year, Neil Gaiman told the world to Make Good Art. It’s hard to believe one is Making Good Art when one is Stuck in Revision Hell. I have been itching to make art for some time, and when presented with the opportunity last week, I jumped on it.

What do you think? I mean, seriously? HOW FABULOUS IS THIS??

You know you love it. (And no, it is not for sale.)

The first mermaid was the one with the sweater. I know…not the best selection for a mermaid torso, but fish are cold-blooded! Why wouldn’t a mermaid wear a sweater if she wanted to?

The second mermaid was the middle blonde in the bikini. Her tail was a bit too much like curtains, so I patched on some stones and bricks I found in a skateboarding magazine. I like the way it came out.

The third mermaid was the one in the foreground because SHE HAS A LOBSTER. ‘Nuff said.

The school of red & black fish came out great, but I’m a little disappointed that the other fish don’t *pop* quite as well. I’m also disappointed that there wasn’t a little more diversity in my mermaids–my only excuse is that I worked with what I had.

So…your own thoughts and critiques? I’m interested to hear them.

And remember, THIS IS A FABULOUS WORK OF ART, so please compliment accordingly. *grin* xox

9 thoughts on “The Mermaid Period

  1. Wow! 😉

    It is fabulous, Princess Mermaid Alethea!

    Hey, did you know you have a zombie in that school of fish? He’s totally eating blonde bikini mermaid’s brains! Make him stop! We blondies need our brains!!!!

    1. Yes! (though I didn’t think of him as a zombie, but you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT.)

      Mostly, I needed one fish to 1.) swim counter to the pack because I am all about individualism and 2.) cover up the stupid COVER GIRL lettering that went over the blonde’s forehead.

  2. In all seriousness, Alethea…I think this is FABULOUS! I kinda want to go make a collage now. No, not a collage. I meant to say: great art!!

      And thank you! I made my grandmother a Christmas card on Monday, with a pop-up construction paper Christmas tree decorated with sequins.

      It’s crazy how far we get away from art when we don’t have kids around to encourage us.

      BUT YOU HAVE KIDS! I bet you have magazines, too. And glue. Go make some art! xox

  3. Love this – you are sooooo talented!!!!! I like the sweater-dress mermaid. Maybe she lives up near Alaska or down by Antarctica. Who knows!

    Thanks for covering for me today! 😉

  4. I love your fabulous collage art, but may I make a suggestion? How about creating a fabulous collage with the actual Waterworld Mermaids? How cool and fun would that be?
    I want long gloves. And maybe a cape for fun. You should definitely have a tiara. And the whole thing should be dipped in some kind of glitter. With a few sequins.
    I think we should have an art night and do it! all of us. Some wine. Some glitter. Some pictures of us. And mermaid tails. Lots and lots of tails… 🙂

  5. (PS–You do realize that any collage of our Mermaids would end up looking like THE LAST SUPPER because there are 13 of us. Just sayin’.)

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