Passion, Wigs & Double Stuffed Oreos with Avery Flynn

The Waterworld Mermaids are thrilled to have one of our own back in the lagoon today. Welcome, Avery Flynn!

Avery has just released her third book, Passion Creek. She was kind enough (or crazy enough) to chat with me on Facebook about this hot and steamy thriller. Let’s get right to it…. 


Kerri:I think we have to start out with the REALLY big thing everyone is talking about…

We’ve noticed your hair has changed. Care to comment?

Avery: The color of my underwear?

Kerri: Oh this chat is gonna be good!

Avery: Oh my hair. Well yes, I gave up the blue wig. It’s itchy and I’m lazy.

Kerri: Okay, moving on… Congrats on Passion Creek, the 3rd book in the Layton Family Series!

Avery: Thank you! Sam’s story was a long time coming and then there’s Josie who I think I want to be when I grow up. Do you think I could pull off platinum? … Yeah, I don’t think so either.

Kerri: Josie is pretty bad ass! Where did you get the inspiration for her?

Avery: She was a total accident. I was writing a scene in Seduction Creek at a diner and blam! there was Josie in all of her glory getting ready to take Sam’s head off.

Kerri: I love the relationship between the two of them. Sam is so uptight!

Avery: Yes he is. Wound tight is the way my mom would describe him.

Kerri: So let me ask you about writing a series since so many writers attempt them. What would you say are the pros and cons of writing a series?

Avery: The pros are you know where you’re going and where you’re at in terms of story structure, location, tone, etc. The cons are the same thing.

Kerri: Ever regret starting a series?

Avery: Bwahahahahahaha Only at 2 a.m. when I’m staring at the never-ending middle stretch of a book and wondering why I don’t write stories about baby monkeys.

Really, I love Dry Creek, Nebraska and writing the Layton Family Series is like writing about family because I know them all so well now.

Kerri: Speaking of, I know there’s another sibling in that crazy family. Will he be getting his own story at some point?

Avery: Oh yes, Chris’ story is coming. I just have to find the right girl for him. But once I do, watch out because that boy is going to be trouble with a capital T. I love a hero with a little bit of a bad boy streak.

Kerri: Me too – yum yum yum! Time for randomness…

Avery: Goodie!

Kerri: Do you ever watch Inside the Actors Studio?

Avery: Only the sketches SNL has done of it.

Kerri: Which are amazing! Well, at the end of every episode James Lipton asks his guest 10 questions. I thought it would be fun to ask you. And maybe your hero/heroine, Sam and Josie, would like to play too.

Avery: Ohhh. Yes. They’re here and ready to play. I had to make Sam put his shirt back on. I do not want to know what they were doing.

Kerri: Yeah, zip it up, people! Okay, here we go. Avery, what is your favorite word?

Avery: Chocolate.

Kerri: Sam, what is your least favorite word?

Sam: Nice. Pick on the guy for the least favorite. I’ll go with Snips.

Kerri: Ah, interesting choice. Okay, Sam, I’ll continue with you. What turns you on?

Sam: Josie.

Kerri: Good man! Josie, what turns you on?

Josie: Edible paint on Sam’s abs.

Kerri: Whoa!

Josie: What? Didn’t Avery warn you about me?

Kerri: Well, she may have… But isn’t Sam just a nerdy professor?

Josie: It’s always the quiet ones.

Kerri: True. True. So Josie, what turns you off?

Josie: Snow. Definitely snow.

Kerri: Hmm, interesting. Sam, what sound or noise do you love?

Sam: Josie’s laugh. It always puts me in a good mood.

Kerri: Laying it on a little thick there, Sam. Avery, what sound or noise do you hate?

Avery: The squeak of tennis shoes on a gym floor. Ack! That makes me insane!

Kerri: Next question is for all 3 of you. Favorite curse word?

Sam: Damn

Josie: Mother fucker

Avery: Shit-tastic

Kerri: Nice! Sam, what profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

Sam: I’ve always wanted to fly so I’d go with pilot.

Kerri: Josie, what profession would you not like to do?

Josie: If I couldn’t paint? I’d like to open my own art gallery.

Kerri: Avery-doll, if heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Avery: There’s plenty of Oreos waiting inside for you.

Kerri: Double stuffed?

Avery: Oh hell yes.

Kerri: One last question for Avery: what’s your favorite scene in Passion Creek?

(Psst, mine is the very first sex scene!)

Avery: My favorite scene is when Josie gets uptight, reserved Sam so mad he follows her out into the hall to argue and locks himself out of his hotel room buck naked.

Kerri: That was awesomesauce! Well, thank you Avery Flynn, Sam Layton and Josie Winarsky for joining me on Facebook tonight!

Avery: Thank you for having us. Now I’m off to go find some Oreos and I don’t even want to think about where Sam and Josie ran off to in such a hurry.


Congratulations to Avery Flynn on her newest release, Passion Creek! We can’t wait for the next book! 


To learn more about Avery Flynn and her three books in the Layton Family Series check out her website here. To order Passion Creek, see the links below.



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15 thoughts on “Passion, Wigs & Double Stuffed Oreos with Avery Flynn

  1. Great interview, Kerri! Avery, you look very pretty without your blue wig. Sam and Josie sound like lots of fun! Best of luck with the book!

    1. I agree, Pintip! I think Avery looks gorgeous without her wig!

      Not gonna lie – I both fear and want to be Josie! 😉

  2. Great interview everyone! Gotta put this on my list to read! Love the hair, sweet-gal. Now go eat some Oreo’s for breakfast. Have you seen the football shaped ones?


    1. Football shaped Oreos, what now? Yum! Must get. Yesterday someone posted on my FB wall, candy corn flavored Oreos. Candy corn is my most beloved treasure so I will definitely be looking for those!

  3. I also love the hair. Much better not to hide behind a shocking blue wig. 🙂 It’s kind of hard to hide with that anyway. LOL.
    What a fun interview!
    I also hate the sound of squeaky sneakers on a gym floor. Also the chalk on the chalkboard. Of course, those are becoming increasingly obsolete with the new smartboards and dry erase boards. Thank God. I also hated slamming those erasers together….
    Love that Sam was stuck outside his hotel room buck naked. Hysterical! Especially if he’s uptight. An uptight naked guy in a hotel hallway? 🙂
    Good luck with the book! And the next brother’s story.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Kim-doll! 😉

      You know what sound I hate the most? Whistling! Seriously makes me insane! That’s why I won’t watch the Andy Griffith Show – ever!

      Close second: I hate the sound of trucks idling. This stems from the construction they did next to my apartment for 3 freaking years. Every morning at 5:30 the damn trucks would just sit there. I wanted to throw water balloons at them!

  4. So true. Wigs are freaking hot. Temperature-wise. They could boil one’s brain. So glad we saved Avery in time. I think. Xox

  5. So fun, even for someone who has not read Avery’s books (sorry Avery…I will get on that). Plus I love when the character participate, I mean, they can be so real when you read them that they should never be left out of an interview. Now, I am in the mood for an Oreo 🙂

  6. So many things I loved about this interview! Hi girls! Avery I think you rock for that cover girl! Wow! Score one for the blondes 😉 I have a feeling that Sam is going to be a real treat…
    the true treat though is knowing you and being able to call you friend xoxo

  7. What a fun interview! The worst sound for me is cats yowling at each other, probably because I have two that mix it up almost every day – for practice, of all things! Thanks for the fun and I’m looking forward to more from Dry Creek!

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