The Story Behind “Semantics” and “Victory Garden”

This week featured Semantics from Alethea Kontis and Victory Garden by Avery Flynn. Recently, we corned our fellow mermaids in the lagoon and got the story behind their stories.

“Semantics” by Alethea Kontis

Two ethereal beings, who live only in dreams, without any of their own, are emboldened by love to take the biggest risk of all.

What inspired your Waterworld Mermaids: Come Inside Our Garden story?

Alethea: I have been a vivid dreamer all my life, and I have always been fascinated by the idea that there might be people who live in other people’s dreams. Who’s to say that if we dream about something over and over enough times that we can’t imagine it right into existence? Not this plane of reality as we know it, but that ephemeral anything-can-happen realm of dreams? And who knows if that kid who made an appearance in my dreams last night hasn’t ever visited you in yours? If those people did exist, what kinds of issues would they have? They don’t have to pay rent, sure…but they must be concerned for their continued survival. And they must–as we all must–fall in love.

There is something about falling in love that’s also ephemeral and full of magic. We remember that first kiss forever, long after the first date and the first sickness and the first football game and the first fart in bed. My best friend from middle school told me that this was the most important time to keep a journal, so that I would always be able to look back and remember that magic in all its vivid detail.

There was a creek like this once, complete with wet grass and fireflies and a boy — both in my dreams and out of them. “Semantics” is my way to remember that magic, and share it with you!

“Victory Garden” by Avery Flynn

Journey to Victoria City where the fate of the word is at stake, forcing a freedom fighter and the man hunting her to work together to foil a would-be tyrant.

What inspired your Waterworld Mermaids: Come Inside Our Garden story?

Avery: I was trolling through iStock Photo looking for inspiration for my garden story when I came across a great photo of an Asian woman with a bright blue steak in her black hair. She was wearing Steampunk clothing and held a pistol. Her look, to say the least, was pretty kickass. I knew immediately I wanted to write about her. I really enjoy reading Steampunk, but I’d never written that genre, so after finding an image of the perfect hero, I logged out of iStock and started researching. It was horrible having to read all those great books and dive into the history and culture of the movement. 🙂 Victory Garden was so much fun to write that I can’t wait to write more in the Steampunk genre.


Come back Monday for The Comfort Boy by Carlene Love Flores.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your inspiration, Mermaids! I really loved both stories and can’t wait to read more next week! 😉

  2. Avery and Alethea,

    Loved reading the behind-the-scenes aspect of your awesome stories!

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