Why Do I Love Dark?

Why Do I love Dark? I don’t know…

I have never killed. Murdered or slayed. There are a few swatted flies that have felt the sting of my murderous wrath. But as far as I can recall, I haven’t actually killed. Nor have I had dark, murderous thoughts (about real people), or wanted to meet a real vampire, or run around naked at night with a were-creature. Nope. For the most part I gravitate toward the normal, routine everyday activities most sensible human beings partake in – well, except for my need to obsess about certain television characters (Spike, Joe Dubois, John Crichton, Alec Hardison—and BTW, the first to name the TV shows these characters appear in – will win a prize!).

But let’s get back to my premise. What attracts me to those dark characters, plots, stories? What makes my brain fall in love with a character and then what to drag him or her through the deepest, darkest hell on Earth. I’ve been thinking about that question, and believe I’ve found a partial answer.

A few years back I remember taking a course or reading a book in which the question on the table was…what do you believe in? Answer that question by listing the top 10 ‘things’ that come to mind right away, the instructor said, and you may well find the topics/subject matter that will lie at the heart of your stories…every story that you ever write…because that list reflects your fundamental beliefs.

You know we’ve all heard the line, “write what you know” but this took another spin on that statement for me with — write what you believe…

Here’s my top five from that list:

1)            Ghosts

2)            God

3)            Friendship

4)            Deceit

5)            Sarcasm

I want to know your top five…

But I don’t think my list of five provides that many clues as to why I gravitate toward the dark side of reading and/or writing romance (or does it:).

I will need to explore this topic further but I wanted to get the ball rolling because I’m about to put one of my characters through the ringer (yippee!).