Who Is Your Muse?

We as writers are constantly looking for the inspiration, drive and desire to sit down and pump out a story.  Sometimes it flows naturally, (like those 2 am instantly, awake ideas that just have to be jotted down) and other times we sit at our computers staring at the blank screen hoping something will jump out at us.  As a pre-published author I’m not under the gun to perform on deadlines–yet, but I do like to set goals for myself on a specific book.

So what do you do when there is no thoughts running through your head?  What inspires you to write that story? (For my last story, it was a hot picture of Hugh Jackman over my desk). 🙂 LOL.

Yes, I’m suffering lately, but thanks to a good friend of mine, she inspired me the other day to sit and write 1,000 words in one hour on my latest endeavor.  I did 1,069.  Sometimes for me, my Muse is a friend who challenges me for my own gain (no bets, just a challenge to see if I can do it).

Let me know what or who your Muse is that gets you through those ‘blank page days’ and why do we have those days–besides the obvious ‘reality gets in the way’. I would love to hear from my Mermaid Sisters on their ideas and also from others out there joining us today.  Challenge yourself, challenge your writing friends and critique partners to sit and write.  Set achievable goals as life does get in the way. (Would love to hear the results too!)

Hugs and best wishes!