Make a Wish

Today is my birthday. Those wishing to send me elaborate gifts, let me know and I will provide my address. 😉

Every year on my birthday, my BFF writes some variation of the following phrase in my card: This is going to be the best year ever!

Outwardly I roll my eyes, but secretly, I love reading that. It’s more than just a sweet sentiment. It’s reassuring, in a very uneasy time in my life.

The past year has been a big writing year for me. No, I didn’t get published or bag an agent. I didn’t even win any contests. Hell, I didn’t even enter any. But I found something more important. My writing mojo. It was gone for awhile but I just feel so assured that I’m on the right path now.

So this birthday I’ve decided to take my BFF’s advice and have the best year ever. More specifically, I’m going to have the best writing year. Butt in the chair, hands poised on the keyboard, these stories are getting out. And I am going to love every painstaking minute of it. That is my wish.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must return to my favorite place to celebrate my birthday. At the beach with my family, my BFF and a good book.

While I’m getting my birthday tan on, I ask all of you: What do you wish for this year?

6 thoughts on “Make a Wish

  1. Happy birthday, Keri! I wish for you a productive writing year! For me, I wish exactly the same thing.

  2. First off, Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you have the best writing year ever!!! 🙂
    As for my wish…hmmm…Health and happiness for those around me, and to get back into the writing groove myself.

  3. Happy Be-lated Birthday and best of wishes on writing this year! As for me–just keep swimming, just keep swimming–I mean writing. 🙂


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