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I’m a Swinging Sprinter

I’m a cheater. There. I said it. I’m admitting it right here on Waterworld Mermaids. I’m cheating on my sprinting partner. Actually, I’m cheating on all of them.

I’m the type of girl who needs someone to always keep me accountable, or I drift away. Like a woman married to a great guy that just can’t be with her all the time. Apparently I’m a lot more needy than I thought. I can’t be happy with just one partner.

I’m a swinging sprinter!

There you have it. I’ve opened up my writing relationships to other partners. Each one gives me something I need that another one can’t. One is published and is working on edits, and that’s great, but I need someone who’s looking to create new words and meet goals and stuff like that. One is struggling right along with me, and I love that we’re on the same page. One is on vacation, and one of my grandma’s favorite sayings comes back to me: “Absence makes the heart grow fonder…for somebody else.”

Yesterday I had so many sprints going that I felt like Mrs. Doubtfire when she/he kept showing up at different tables in the restaurant, forgetting who she/he was supposed to be. I had to start keeping track on paper! At one point I had two going at the same time.

My Young Adult chapter started a #YARWAsprint, but I was in the middle of trying to finish up one with a friend. In the end, I had to split my word count between them.

Then I realized…MORE IS BETTER! Now I’m introducing all my partners to each other so we can all sprint together. I’ve found that when we’re all working toward the same goals and trying to lift each other up and encourage each other to keep at it, we all succeed. It’s easy to get distracted with the internet and social media, but it’s a hell of lot harder when you’re supposed to make yourself accountable to somebody else. Somebody who is actually working when you’re scrolling through Twitter feeds and you’re checking emails and clicking on one link after another. And by “you,” I totally mean me.

If anyone wants to sprint with me, I’m your girl. Don’t feel guilty about cheating on your own partner. Ask them to join. We can all be “Swinging Sprinters.” The more, the merrier. You can find me on Twitter at @KimMacCarron. Or just comment below.

Here’s my very favorite saying in all the land to help us get motivated and get those books either finished or started or polished: “When we are dreaming alone it is only a dream. When we are dreaming with others, it is the beginning of reality.”—Dom Helder Camara

Let’s dream together and get it done. Happy Writing. Happy Sprinting.

Do you have a favorite motivational saying?

Follow me on Twitter @KimMacCarron if you want to sprint

Follow me on Twitter @KimMacCarron if you want to sprint