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It’s Written in the Streets

Are you suited to be a writer?

 Of course you are!  That’s the thing about this job, whatever you bring to the table, it can be used, explored, torn apart and bettered.

 For this post I asked myself that question even though I think it’s a little dangerous because it’s so wide open.  You could go in so many different directions with it.  There is what you perceive of yourself, what others think about you, and then the mish-mash area where it all collides leaving us either without any doubts or completely unsure.  For me, I see writers as being the most accepting of others but on the other hand, we know a villain when we see one.  Because we have to deal with our character’s personality types, shouldn’t we be the best at dealing with the good and the bad? 

 That led me to the answer of whether I’m suited to be a writer or not.  Yes.  I am.

 I am very…Cest la vie.  Meaning I can deal with just about anything happening.  This past December, I was walking the streets of Philadelphia on my way to dinner with family while it was cold, dark and damp out.  A car went gleaming past and ran right through a puddle close to the sidewalk I was on.  Yep, I got splashed with yucky, dirty street water.  In my hair, all over my outfit.  That was when I flipped the script from laid-back Cali girl and went crazy in the street, cursing and putting on a great show of supreme pissed-offed-ness.  Just kidding.  That’s not me.  (Although as a writer, I can appreciate someone who would react like that.)  I just laughed it off.  It really was kind of funny if you think about it. 

 I fall in love with everything but am keenly aware of what could hurt me.  Yes, I do mean everything.  I feel a connection to trees, my car whose name is Fancy, songs, struggling worms about to dry out if they don’t make it to the grass in time, rappers cursing out their demons.  If you have a heart, I feel you.  I love interactions most of all because they are my fuel for writing stories.  You can bet if I have met you even once, I’ll have pulled something from it and have held on to the moment.   

 Those two things are what suit me most as a writer.  What makes you great for this job?