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The Story Behind The Fourth Date’s the Charm and Come Inside Our Garden

This week featured The Fourth Date’s the Charm by Robin Covington, which marked the end of the Come Inside Our Garden Anthology from the Waterworld Mermaids.  Recently, we cornered our fellow mermaids in the lagoon and got the story behind their stories.

The Fourth Date’s the Charm by Robin Covington

The garden heats up when lust and the promise of love collide in this steamy tale of when opposites attract.

What inspired your Waterworld Mermaids: Come Inside Our Garden story?

Robin: What gave me the idea for my Garden Story?  I love a story of two people who from all appearances should not be together.  The exploration of the push and pull of attraction in spite of what you believe to be “correct” or “acceptable” is fascinating to me.  To see Jake, the ambitious and intense surgeon, finally let go and focus all of his sexy energy on persuading Piper to give into the incredible attraction between them was just delicious.

And . . .  when the Mermaids thought of putting together this special project, someone (I can’t remember which one) joked that I would be hard-pressed to put one of my sex scenes (I lOVE writing sex scenes) in the middle of a garden. I took that as a challenge and this was the result! ; )

Come Inside Our Garden Anthology by the Waterworld Mermaids

Romance blooms in the garden when seven mermaids weave together tales of love lost and found among the roses.

What inspired you to put together the Come Inside Our Garden Anthology?

Waterworld Mermaids: Insanity? Ha. No, really, it’s because we all love to make up stories. We are lucky to have such a talented bunch of writers among us who were willing to give up what little free time they had to create this anthology. Each story is a unique take on love with the garden setting tying them together. Even though we didn’t plan it, each tale is from a different romance sub-genre, which just goes to show that romance stories are as varied as love itself.

Thank you so much for taking the time to come inside our garden. We hope you’ve enjoyed the journey.



The Fourth Date’s the Charm (Part Two) by Robin Covington

(Mermaid Note: If you haven’t already, please read The Fourth Date’s the Charm (Part One) first. Also, this spicy story has the water bubbling, so be warned.)

Oh no. Not the nibbly thing.

Piper arched her neck into the caress of his lips. Jake wasn’t playing fair. He knew she turned to mush when he did that little nippy thing with his teeth on her skin. He was just trying to keep her off-balance in order to stop her from pointing out how this thing between them was a bad idea.  He was doing a great job because she’d somehow ended up on her back with his hard length pressing her into the soft turf.


“I love it when you call me that.”

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The Fourth Date’s the Charm (Part One) by Robin Covington

(Mermaid Note: The water’s bubbling with this spicy tale. Be warned.)

Where the hell did she go?

Dr. Jacob Ash peered into the evening twilight, the music from the party drifting up from the Rose Garden Terrace on a light summer breeze.  There were only so many places to go on this path leading through the National Botanical Gardens and he was quickly approaching the end marked by the amphitheater and the water feature.

 Piper Hill couldn’t have just vanished. She was just a girl. Although, there were times when he believed she was part fey creature and had bewitched his soul and — let’s face it — some other parts of his body located a bit farther south.

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