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Nice to ‘Cute Meet’ You

Once upon a time, I was not a romance writer but a girl who would go about her daily business always thinking of people and different things they might say and do.  I did that for about 25 years.  And then one day, after reading a book I’d been given at a little comic book convention, I had the most amazing idea…write this stuff down!  And then my next brilliant idea…learn how to write this stuff down.  I enrolled with ed2go, an online courses system, in Lori Wilde’s “Romance Writing Secrets”.  My favorite lesson?  The Cute Meet.

What I love about the Cute Meet, or the life-changing event that brings the hero and heroine together in conflict (thank you Lori Wilde for that definition) is that it can be exactly as its name implies, a sweet sort of first meeting of two people who are destined to fall in love but it just as rightfully belongs to those characters who dash around in a more dramatic story.  I tend to write an angsty-flavored tale but my boys and girls get down with their Cute Meets just as nicely.  The purpose of the Cute Meet?  Throw the plot into action!

So what are some of your favorite Cute Meets?  I know there are some great ones out there, whether they come from your favorite book, movie or real life, I’d love to hear which ones have stuck with you.

I know I’ll never forget the time when in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Night Pleasures, Amanda Devereaux woke up handcuffed to the blond stranger, Kyrian of Thrace…her first words to him, “Excuse me?  Are you alive?”  Of course he didn’t respond right away and she started in with the usual niceties like, “Guy?, Mister?, Mr. Gothman?…”  Poking at him, feeling something special that took her breath away.  Love her… and when he comes to, they are without a doubt thrown into the story of their lives.

And then there’s real life where Cute Meets happen all the time.  In fact, one day in this very pond, a certain blond mermaid was wading through the comments section of that day’s lovely post about Accountablility Partners.  She didn’t really know what one of those was so she made a smarty pants reply that she didn’t know about a writing partner, but she could sure use a legs-shaving accountability partner.  It was from that silly remark that she hooked not just a wonderful writer friend, but someone who definitely catapults her writing on a daily basis, helping to set her plots into action.  So technically, I call that a Cute Meet.  Thanks Lynne!  So glad I “Cute Met” you here.

Well, that’s enough from me.  Please share some of your favorites!