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Casting the Slye Temp Heroes + Dianna Love Giveaway!

Hi fishy friends! (UPDATE-Dianna Love has graciously offered to give away a copy of Last Chance to Run!  Just comment before 10pm ET to be entered!)

Mermaid CarleneHow is everyone doing today?  I hope you are all well and enjoying warm, bounteous waters.   This is my fifth summer living on the east coast and the first time I’ve decided to knuckle up and brave the heat, humidity and thunderstorms by staying put rather than travelling home to San Diego, California.  While I’m proud of the many things being a west coaster has made me–laid back, able to dip into Valley Girl talk in the blink of an eye (Just ask Kerri-Mermaid), and SME (Subject Matter Expert) on rolled tacos, I know the one thing that is a major downfall.  I’m a WEATHER WIMP!  Because of this, many of the activities I’ve planned for myself and the kiddo are going to see all the super hero movies and staying inside writing with the AC while my son watches professional wrestling.  I know it’s not the best summer plan and as soon as we learn to catch our breaths, we’ll venture out more and more.  Until that time, I’ve actually discovered a pretty cool side effect of frequenting AMC theaters and WWE.  I’ve got a ton of heroes to place as the visual stars of all the testosterone flavored romance novels I’m reading this summer.

Have you heard of Dianna Love’s Slye Temp series?  It’s extremely romantic and extremely suspenseful and stock-full of hunky heroes.  I just finished the first in the series, Last Chance to RunLast Chance to Run.  I’ve already cast the Man of Steel, Henry Cavill, as the book’s hero, Zane.  Sorry Dianna if that is not at all who you intended when you wrote this fantastic book but in my mind, Henry fills those boots right up!  I haven’t quite decided who to cast as the second book’s hero, Josh from Nowhere Safe, but I’m thinking someone fearless yet tender.  Perhaps the current WWE champ, John Cena.  Oh, but for the third, I’m set.  The absolute perfect incarnation of Ryder from Honeymoon to Die For is hands down, the man twelve-year-old boys and their moms alike who happen to watch a little too much WWE Raw is the Apex Predator aka The Viper aka Randy Orton.  Love. him.  And thanks to my boy, I’ve even learned Randy’s theme song by heart from when he takes the ring.  I may even adopt it as my own theme song as a writer…”I Hear Voices in my Head.”

So have the summer blockbuster cinema heroes inspired you as you read and visualize your steamy romances?  What are you reading this summer and who would you cast as your favorite book heroes?  Channing, Brad, Jamie, Henry?  Oh, and if you need any info on the WWE guys, I’m your girl 🙂

Happy 4th of July tomorrow friends!

Fishy kisses,

Carlene Mermaid