I’m As Hot As the Sun!

Analogies. As a writer, you might love them or hate them. I love them. To me, analogies can make a description come to life. They convey a nuanced shade of emotion. They showcase the voice of our characters. But best of all, they don’t need to be fancy or complex.

Check out these similes that have popped out of my five-year-old daughter’s mouth.

“I’m as hot as the sun!” “I’m cold like Antarctica!” “I’m as fast as a motorcycle.” “This boo-boo is like a volcano — it has red in the middle.”

How much more interesting it is to read (or hear) these statements than their generic counterparts! What’s fascinating to me is that even though these statements were uttered by a five-year-old, they have all the components of a good analogy.

1) They are accurate, in the sense that the sun is hot, Antarctica is cold, motorcycles are fast, and…
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