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Operation Real Life Romantic Men

We write and read about them.  They give us goose bumps, make us giggle, confound us and astound us.  Sometimes they take bullets for us and sometimes they just enjoy watching us sleep.  But these are, after all, fictional heroes I talk about.  And at the end of the day, a girl’s gotta know that there are real life great guys out there who are doing their best to live up to these extremely high standards we lady writers have set.  I am extremely pleased to share a few instances of “friends” who have recently had run-ins with some living and breathing romantic men. 

According to one friend, a sweet guy spied her at the local store and worked up the courage to ask what tanning lotion she used so he could get some too since she had such a lovely tan.  And then went on his way.

Another friend reported earlier this month that while standing on the island of a gas station, a man pulled up in his car, rolled down the window and politely said, “I have to admit, I just drove over here so I could see you up close.”  And then he sped away back onto the toll-way. 

And not too long ago, a friend shared that as her handyman was leaving her home after finishing his repair, he kindly said, “I can see why your husband is so in love with you.” And then respectfully left her home.

Some of these guys’ affections may have been misplaced, but I give them credit for trying.   The point is, there are flesh and blood guys out there who are giving it a shot, trying to impress, to be sweet.  

Has your real life honey done something to rival our fictional heroes?  Here is your chance to gush about them on a weekend when we should be celebrating real men. 

And…are you a real life romantic guy who would like to share something nice you’ve done?  It’s your chance to let the female reading public know that you really do exist!  Trust me; we want to hear about it!!