YA Mystery Author Amanda Brice Swims With the Mermaids! (Reposting)

The mysterious aqua powers that be gobbled up many of our March posts, including this one!  Well, you can’t keep a good YA Mystery Author down so take that Mr. March Mermaid Post Gobbler!  Please enjoy this reposting of our interview with Amanda Brice.

AmandaWelcome, Amanda! We’re happy to have you swimming with us in the Mermaid lagoon today & super stoked that you’ll be talking about Pas de Death!  


I’m happy to be here! It’s been rather chilly here in the DC area (as I’m sure all the Mermaids know!), so the thought of a “lagoon” conjures up the exotic – a lovely little grotto somewhere tropical. I’d love to be there right now! Especially if there are cabana boys. There are cabana boys, right?


What kind of lagoon would it be if there weren’t? Well, I guess it would be a normal lagoon, but this is no normal lagoon….
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