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Happy Mothers’ Day!

For Mothers’ Day, I asked my beautiful mother to write a guest post for me on my blog. I thought it would be something cute and fun for everyone, and it wouldn’t take up too much of her time.

I had no idea what a big deal this would be.

I mean, I’ve been blogging for almost a decade. It’s like riding a bike. But while Mom’s an avid reader and frequent commenter, she reminded me that it’s a completely different situation when you’re on the other end of that post.


Write a guest blog? Sure. How hard can that be?

Now, what shall I write about?

Since nothing immediately popped into my head I decided to consider some of the suggestions made by others. Hmmmm, “35 things” you do not know about me? Interesting – since everyone knows that my special number is “35”. (Well, maybe you don’t know.  I use that number as often as possible.  You see, I’ve told you at least “35” times!)

A story about me? Sorry, that would be just BORING! And besides, what Alethea doesn’t know, someone else knows.

Hmmmm, a story about our “favorite cousin.”  Of course, we all know who recommended that one – the favorite cousin! Wait, that would be Alethea and Soteria’s favorite cousin — my nephew.

Who’s writing this blog? How hard can it be?

It’s Mother’s Day! Should I write about Mothers? About what it’s like being a mother? That subject is so over done.

Maybe I should write about my mother or maybe her mother or about my daughters being mothers?

How hard can it be?

How long does this blog have to be? I wonder if I could write and write and not really say anything special. Maybe I did just that! What do you think? Were you interested enough to even read this blog?

This is really hard. My hat is off to all the wonderful people who write all those wonderful blogs that the rest of us can just relax and enjoy reading.


Mom ultimately decided to go the “35 Things About Me” route…pop on over to my blog today to see what she came up with. Comments are appreciated and definitely encouraged.

Happy Mothers’ Day to you all!