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I Know I Love You…at first sight

Hello Fishy Friends!

Not too long ago, I wrote this post for ARe Cafe (I love them and they’re awesome!) except for I didn’t get any comments, which made me feel like this…



 I really wanted to chat with anyone willing to talk about the speed of love at first sight and what we like in our romance novels. So I’m reposting this here in the pond today and crossing my fins that I’ll get a nibble…


Carlene Mermaid

“I wait all day just hoping for one more minute with you and I don’t even know you.”

Do you remember when Maggie said that to Seth in the 1998 movie “City of Angels”?

Did you believe in those words with all your heart?

What if I told you that’s where I want to start every story I write. I don’t do it, of course, but I can’t help wanting to. Or at least I want people to feel and know in their hearts and bones that loving someone that instantaneous and that incredibly strong is as possible as the simple decision we make each day to wear our favorite color or pack the kids’ favorite sandwich.

Sometimes I hear people say “It’s not realistic to fall in love that fast.” It made me so sad recently when I was talking to someone I’ve known for a very long time and throughout our conversation, it became clear that she honestly and truly did not have the capacity to believe in love at first sight. To her, that feeling I was trying to explain as a pure love that just comes over you was merely lust. I began to feel very hurt that something I believed so strongly in, she believed just as fervently against. I hope that someday, either through life or maybe just a good ole love story, she has a change of heart.

That’s why we need romance books!

That’s also why I love romance readers. I think we just have the capacity to believe a little bit more, to go out a little further on that limb for the characters we love. It’s why we’re able to accept that sometimes two strangers are just going to know. You know?

How many times have you sat down with a new romance novel and by the end of the first page or two, you’ve already fallen in love with the hero? I’m right there with you.

I believe. You believe. We believe.

But what I don’t want to be and I admit I have thought about this, is lazy in my writing and my plotting. I don’t want to ever be telling you a story and skip over something you need to know about my couple’s journey just to show you their incredible, immediate connection. So my promise to you is that I’ll always be very careful and very attuned to where each story starts. Whether it takes the characters months or years or seconds to feel that connection.

I need these stories and these feelings right along with you. I love being a part of this crazy little thing called romance.

I thought it would be cool to hear some of your favorite “Love at first sight” lines. I’m also curious to know if you have a preference as far as what pace you are comfortable with characters falling in love or feeling that first spark.

Can I be a wee bit indulgent and repeat my fave? I knew you romantics would understand!Mermaid Carlene

“I wait all day just hoping for one more minute with you and I don’t even know you.”

Now that I’m sighing and sniffling and warm and fuzzy inside, it’s your turn…

Okay Fishy Friends … let me hear it.