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Abandoned in a Graveyard…kewl

IMAG2555Happy Almost Halloween Fishy Friends!

I fear I may have celebrated a wee bit early and the experience was so cool, I’m not sure it can be topped. Okay, I guess with enough mini-snickers and tootsie rolls, actual Halloween night will be outstanding too. But let me tell you about how I spent last month’s Friday the 13th…

It was a cold, cold night. Okay, not so much for me because I’ve lived in Virginia five years now. But for my aunt who was visiting from San Diego, it was a cold, cold night. Dare I say blistery even. On an earlier excursion that week, I’d taken my aunt to Old Town Alexandria in search of cupcakes, purses and trinkets from my favorite local store, The Christmas Attic. After giving ourselves quite a fright on the upper level of the store, we scurried back down where my aunt discovered a flyer for the perfect way to spend the upcoming night of Friday the 13th.

A dinner cruise on the Potomac, I wondered. Horse drawn carriage ride through the historic streets, perhaps? Her eyes glittered (because she’s sparkly like that) but I, having seen that glint before, (usually when she’s tormenting me by singing the Freddy Krueger song) recognized the pure evil (okay, maybe not evil, just a little ornery) of her intentions.

Ann and Carlene(Auntie and I then, in typical fashion…her grinning, me very scared)

She smiled, and showed me the flyer.

“Alexandria’s Original Ghost & Graveyard Tour where you’ll walk following an 18th century costumed guide by lantern light through the haunted streets of Old Town…”

Sounded absolutely lovely!

“…At the tour’s end your guide will abandon you in a graveyard!”

Sounded immediately less lovely.

However my aunt had travelled all the way from San Diego, braving the harsh east coast weather (something they don’t have back home–weather, that is, they literally don’t have weather in San Diego.) And she’d bravely gone inside Le Tache Couples Boutique earlier between our rounds of cupcake and purse shopping. I supposed I owed it to her.

Well, I must admit, the tour was fabulous! I loved hearing about the unsolved mysteries, tales of romance and angry ghosts looking for revenge.

Final verdict? Highly recommend being abandoned in a graveyard at least once in your life. And if you can plan it for a Friday the 13th, even better!

Happy Halloween Eve Eve Eve everyone 🙂

IMAG2487Auntie and I now, in typical fashion…she’s fabulous, I’m fabulously silly but not so scared anymore!)