2012 Marlene Contest Finalists Announced!

The Washington Romance Writers have just announced the finalists for the 2012 Marlene Contest. The Waterworld Mermaids would like to congratulate all the finalists. Well done! (With special hugs to Mermaid Denny S. Bryce — we’re all proud of you, fishy-girl!)

Series Contemporary Kelley Brown, DATING MS. WRIGHT Nancy S. Evertz (Nan Dixon), SOUTHERN COMFORT Ami Weaver, THE CHRISTMAS BRIDE

Single Title Kimberly Kincaid, IT‚S NOT YOU (WRW Member) Heather Nickodem, CAT ON A HOT STEEL FLIGHT DECK Lisa Slabach, ENTER STAGE LEFT

Romantic Elements Susan Bickford, SYNCHRONY’S CALL Lisa Chaplin, BUTTERFLY ON THE TIDE (WRW Member) Kim Hernandez/Kimberley Troutte, EPICENTER

Historical Erin Brauer, SWEET SURRENDER Mayo Lucas, DEALER’S CHOICE Jennifer McQuiston, WHAT HAPPENS IN SCOTLAND Betty Trovarelli, THE WICKED EARL OF WESTFIELD (There were two double ties: two 99s and two 98s.)

Paranormal Denny S. Bryce, GIDEON (WRW member) Traci Douglass, SEAL OF FATE Angela Quarles, MUST LOVE BREECHES

Young Adult Carla Cullen, THE FALLEN PRINCESS Sera Phyn,…
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