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Mermaids & Friends: Lynne Silver (Giveaway!)

Good morning, everyone — Carlene and Kerri Mermaid here with a special introduction.

Kerri: Guess who’s here in the lagoon today? Our critique partner and friend to the Mermaids, the fabulous Lynne Silver!

Carlene: Oh! After someone tall, dark and handsome, that was going to be my next guess! I can’t help it, I have Rowan from her new book, “Desperate Match” on my mind.

Kerri: I understand – Rowan’s hot and sweet! Is he your favorite of Lynne’s characters?

Carlene: Yes! He’s a total smarty pants but backs it up with a big heart…

Kerri: I love that about him – although you know I’m partial to Adam in the first Coded for Love book!

Carlene: Ohhhhhh…Adam. Why do you love him so?

Kerri: He’s alpha and yummy!

Carlene: All the Coded boys are alpha and yummy! It’s like an alpha yummy buffet.

Kerri: True that, boo! We should probably stop drooling and let Lynne talk now. Want to introduce her?

Carlene: Yes! Tall, fair and beautiful…Lynne Silver! Author of yummy alpha boys, some really bad guys and some pretty awesome girls too!

Kerri: Welcome to the lagoon, Lynne! We hear you wanna know what type of readers we all are AND that you’ve got a copy of Desperate Match to give away! Let’s get this chat underway…


Lately it seems there are a rash of bloggers and readers out on social media talking about their newfound love of reading. Some of them haven’t read much sinceLynne Silver high school or college, and they can all credit a book special to them for getting them back on the reading bandwagon. Welcome back. We authors are thrilled to have you.

So yes, I’m an author, but I’m a reader first. To say I’m voracious would be an understatement. In kindergarten, students got a star sticker on their name strip for every book they read. My stars went off the strip and around the room.

I get lost in books. My husband says it’s as though I’ve left the room. And I have. My body is present, but my mind is in the world of the book.

And I’m a re-reader. There are certain “comfort” reads that I go to again and again. I can’t find a pattern in which books are my comfort reads. They run the gamut and include: Little Town on the Prairie & These Happy Golden Years by Laura Ingalls Wilder, All of the Wallflower series by Lisa Kleypas, Caressed by Ice by Nalini Singh, Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon, He She & It by Marge Piercy, and the whole Betsy-Tacy series by Maud Hart Lovelace.  See an eclectic mix.

There are other books I adore, yet I’ve never re-read them. So what makes a comfort read? I obviously have no idea, judging by my crazy list. The only thing in common is that I own all those books in print. I don’t read them on an e-reader. I love certain things about e-readers, but I hate that Candy Crush and Facebook is one easy click away.

Have you noticed your reading patterns change depending on the medium? Do you have comfort reads? What are they?

Thanks for having me!



Thanks so much for swimming with us today, Lynne! For all our fishy friends, Lynne has generously donated an e-copy of “Desperate Match” and so we will be picking one random winner from the comments section to take Rowan home with them.

More About Lynne:

By day, Lynne Silver lives the suburban soccer mom life; volunteering with the PTA, doing laundry and working. By night she enters the sensuous world of alpha males and passionate heroines.

She calls the nation’s capital home and lives in an old fixer-upper with her husband and their two sons. When not writing romance, she reads it. Lots of it. Over and over and over again, preferably with a bag of M&Ms in hand. She is represented by literary agent, Jessica Alvarez of Bookends LLC http://bookends-inc.com/index.htm

Visit Lynne at her website http://www.lynnesilver.com/

And be sure to check out her sizzling hot and heartfelt new title, DESPERATE MATCH.

Desperate Match



Lynne Silver Swims with the Mermaids…Hot Science!

Well have I got a Thursday treat for you!  Lynne Silver, author of the newly released and super-hot novel, HEATED MATCH, (Ellora’s Cave Publishing) is swimming with us today!  She’s such a great lady and a tremendous sport.  When I asked her to pretty please come to Waterworld Mermaids so we could talk about her awesome book, I believe I said, “If I interview you, the questions will probably be weird and random, so what do you say?”  Well, not only did she happily and bravely agree…she’s brought the super-irresistible couple from HEATED MATCH, Adam and Loren, to the pond to help answer.  Did I mention Adam’s a genetically enhanced soldier?  Yep, yummy!  Enjoy 😉


Me: Hi there!  Diving in to the nitty gritty…I love the genetic matching idea behind your new CODED FOR LOVE series.  What sparked your interest in mixing DNA with steamy romance?  What did you do to get a good handle on the scientific aspect?

Lynne: Every year around Valentines Day, newspapers run articles telling that there is a science to falling in love- at least there’s a science to finding someone who will make beautiful babies with you. A lot of it is based on smell, I kid you not. This intrigued me, and then I also found a newspaper article talking about genetic enhancement, and how our science is already there.

Designer babies are on the horizon.  On one hand, this freaks me out, why should we play God? On the other, every parent deserves a healthy child, and if we could eradicate genetic diseases in-utero, maybe we should. It’s a tough question for me, and one that I clearly struggle with throughout the book, and much more so in book 3, Chase’s book.


Me: In an excerpt on your website, it is clear these two are matched by something deep and raw.  When Adam says, “The damn door doesn’t lock. Back. Away.”, I got goose bumps!  It’s obvious he absolutely does not believe he can control himself in such close quarters with Loren (Lucky girl!).  I’d like to ask the two of them what they were thinking in that very instant (one of my favorites in the book) but they look a little…preoccupied…with each other right now.  Can you tell us what each was thinking?  Adam, while he was trying to stay locked away in the bathroom that wouldn’t lock and Loren, trapped in the small conference room with a growling man ready to pounce.   

Lynne: Adam is thinking he’s never been more aroused, but since he fully understands the implications of following through, he fights his desire. Loren has no clue what the heck is going on other than she’s locked in a room on a military compound and kind of wants to have sex with a total stranger.


Me: Should a kiss be more romantic or more heroic?  Lynne, as the romance specialist, I know you could handle this one on your own, but I hear Adam may have an opinion on the subject.   Can you pry him away from Loren for a second?  Thanks!  So which is it, Adam?  A romantic kiss letting the woman know you are capable of being a pleasing and caring suitor or the heroic kiss, stating without question that you are there to stake a claim on her and protect her against all?

Adam: A kiss shouldn’t really involve thinking at all. But I’ll say my kisses are more heroic.  Loren knows I’ve got the goods to take care of her. Hang on, she’s  laughing her ass off at my answer.  *sigh* Fine, she says my kisses rock her world and are both heroic and romantic. Good  ‘nuff.


Me: Random Question: Think fast Lynne, what do you do when a friend tries to eat an edamame pod in a nice restaurant?

Lynne: LOL- I’d remind her not to eat the shells! They’re sharp and tasteless.

(the friend, who shall remain nameless, winks and waves thanks)


Me: As an experienced romance writer, what’s the best explanation you can give for that sudden onset of heated passion at first glance?  Of course, if Adam would like to chime in, that would be fantastic and highly entertaining.

Adam:  When I saw Loren, it was like my engine kicked on to full power for the first time in my life. Of course, Loren was my genetic match at the DNA level. Does that happen for the rest of you? Sucks if it doesn’t, cause the connection rocks.


Me: Random Question: Quick Lynne, what do you do when your kindly relative asks how things are going in the Erotica YA genre?

Lynne: Erotic Young Adult, yeah, that would be my well intentioned father doing his best to get me arrested. He’s so excited that I’m published, and thinks the erotic part is funny, but he doesn’t get the market at all.


Me: If you could wire every human male with one DNA trait, what would it be?  And for the females? 

Lynne: All males should have 6 pack abs, and females get perky c-cup boobs that will never sag and don’t need a bra.

No seriously, I’d wipe out the genetic diseases- Tay sachs, MS, Sickle cell, cystic fibrosis, etc… cause they suck, and knowing that it’s in your family and that you or your off-spring could have it, is scary.


Me: HEATED MATCH “Bred for love, coded for war”- Awesome-sauce tagline!  Lynne, How do you come up with these??

Lynne: My editor gave me 2 days to come up with a list of possible series names. I panicked, did a list of 20 and came up with Coded for Love.


Me: Rapid fire question: What do you do when your boss locks you in a room with your genetic match and you find out she drank the special water?  I think I’m going to step out on a limb and beg you to let Adam answer this one!

Adam:  I tried to blockade myself in the bathroom with a cold shower. When that failed, I gave Loren a night to remember. Shit, she’s laughing again.


Me: Adam and Loren, you are on lockdown with nothing to do…on your nightstand you find a rose and a condom.  Who gets what and why?

Adam:  I obviously bought the rose for Loren, cause I’m that kind of guy. As for the condom… <turns to Loren, can I tell honey?> Cool, well, we’re kinda trying to have kids, so the condom gets tossed to the side.


Me: What genetic enhancement, if any, would you be up for?  As a mermaid, I am super thankful for my awesome lung capacity and super resilient hair that never dries out in the saltwater.  Any chance there might be a mermaid in line for any of your super-hot Coded for Love boys?

Lynne: I want super fast metabolism, so I can eat anything I want and maintain my svelte figure. Also- I’m kind of freaked out about memory loss as you get older. I’d want a brain that doesn’t go spongy.


Me: Can you tell us how many books you have planned for this delicious, irresistible series? 

Lynne: I’ll write as many as the readers want and Ellora’s Cave will publish! Conquered Match is already sold and should be coming out at the end of the summer. This is a very short story that’s kind of a prequel. I think all the guys deserve to find their match, so Chase, Gavin, Xander and Rowan will get books.

(I will dutifully go ahead and take the podium for the readers out there and beg for all these books!!!! Loved meeting these irresistible guys in Heated Match!) 😉


Me: I noticed that Adam and Loren have been eyeing the pond this whole time, if it’s okay with you, I say we let them have a private swim before they have to get back to the compound.

Lynne: Thanks for letting me swim in the pond, Mermaids! – Lynne

It was my absolute pleasure, Lynne, Adam and Loren!  Find out more about Lynne and the CODED FOR LOVE series here!  🙂