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Cannot Write Without: Carlene Love

The question in the lagoon this month: What’s the one thing you cannot write without?

Today’s answer comes from Waterworld Mermaids’ very own, Carlene Love.


WordsOne thing, says Alethea. One thing. The. One. Thing. You need to write.

I love her. But this was hard. Until I realized I could make a tiny tweak to our theme. Maybe it’s not the “end all, be all” of writing necessities, but I’ll tell you what, I do much better in its comfy embrace. Without the nighttime, my words would be like sad little kids sitting on a bone-dry slip ‘n’ slide with a water hose stuck in the yard across the street guarded by a frothy-mouthed attack monster of your choice.

Man, that’s not a pretty scene. But hopefully this poem is. Thank you for letting me share why I love to write at night…


Safe Words

I’d like to wake up when it’s safe and dark

Pull back the covers and get in my car

Drive until the road meets the edge of the sea

Call to you

Then hear you call back to me.

We can whisper and let everyone else sleep

It’s okay, you can speak

Your darkest and most beautiful truth

Dear Words, I surrender to you

And only the stars will know what we’ve said

And I’ll drive back home and crawl into bed

With you.

~by Carlene Love


Do you love the night too? What’s your favorite thing to do in the dark? I’d love to hear it.

Fishy kisses to you all,

Carlene Mermaid


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