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This Apple Didn’t Fall Far…

MP900383005Sunday was Mother’s Day (Hugs to all the moms!) and I am blessed with one who loves me unconditionally, who kept me safe, and who let sleep fall by the wayside in order to work and support us for too many years.

I wish she didn’t live on the opposite coast, but we’ve found interesting ways to stay in touch, like relaying cyber hugs via this lovely pond.

You may think I’M the music nut of the lagoon but that’s only because you’ve never met my mom.

Vegas. Legs. High Heels. Midnight. Live Music. Warm.  My Mom.

There was scarcely a weekend that she wasn’t out dancing with the girls when I was a kid. Cleopatra’s Barge inside Caesar’s Palace was a Vegas hot spot and Santa Fe was the local band who kept that floating dance floor rocking most nights. I know because I was there. Yep, at the tender age of ten, mom would plant me just across the way from the barge at a little Japanese restaurant with seating where I could see her and she could see me. The cocktail waitresses all knew me and kept Shirley Temples with extra cherries on tap. This is no lie and something I clearly remember—in addition to mom’s short shorts, high heels and long, feathered blonde hair—it never failed, at some point during the night, the barge/dance floor would lean severely to the right and stay like that.

One guess why?

The loads of female fans crowding to be on the side of the stage of this one particular band member. I guess there’s just something magnetizing about a bass player…

Be sure and come back this Friday for a very special Guy Day…

Our special guest is a bass player…

You may have seen him last month performing live on Fox’s American Idol 🙂

Mom will be here because like I said, this apple didn’t fall far…Mermaid Carlene

So I’m curious to know, who’s your favorite member of the band?  Singer? Drummer? Keys? Bass?