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Denny's MermaidsAs I sit in front of my computer, desperate to come up with an idea for my blog post today, I actually came up with three – as it is GIVEAWAY FRIDAY – and the weekend before MEMORIAL DAY – the first BIG pre-summer holiday, I want you to help me plan my menu for my Memorial Day Family Cookout – (the first in my new place, so it’s got to be a WINNER!)

To be eligible to have your name tossed into the prize winning hat, please share your FAVORITE foodie romance or sexy scene that involves food from one of your favorite romance novels, or even better, that romantic scene involving a soldier or other American fighting hero in honor of Memorial Day!DSC_0094

The winner will receive a $15 gift certificate from AMAZON – where you can buy more books written by your favorite foodie or military romance author!

So open those recipe books (and favorite foodie romances) and comment below.