My Personal Pick-Me-Up

Here in the magical Mermaid lagoon, we’ve been sharing the things that we turn to when we need a little pick-me-up. While there are many things that lift my spirits – bubble baths, coloring, Zumba, cooking – there is one thing that NEVER, EVER, EVER fails to put a smile on my face and happiness in my heart. My own personal happiness savior… HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite pictures of Harry. He was loving life that night!


Look at this face! How can you be sad?


“Look, Mommy. I ripped up all your mail!”
Even when he’s bad, he’s still so freaking cute!


I mean, seriously, come on. Look at this mug!


“Hi, Mommy! I’m upside down.”
From any angle – he’s just adorable!


I rescued him and then he rescued me. No one will ever love me like my Harry!!!

Now it’s your turn! Let’s go. I want to know in the comments about your pick-me-up. #StayHappy #Inspiration #HarryRocks #TrueLove #WhoRescuedWho