Comfort Food = Celery???

When you think of comfort food I’m sure you don’t immediately go to celery. But for me, celery has a very special place in my heart because it’s a family tradition. Without further ado, please enjoy my video on the comforting powers of celery….

Here are some close ups of the celery-making process. First you mix the softened cream cheese with minced Spanish olives, a little bit of the olive juice, and chopped walnuts.


Then slather (yes, slather, isn’t that a great word!) onto the cleaned and trimmed celery.


Lastly, cut the celery into bite sized pieces. Enjoy!

One thought on “Comfort Food = Celery???

  1. Kerri. Mermaid. Hero. Pants. (And Mom too!)
    Stop it. Right now. Just stop it. Stop being so adorable, cute, funny, hilarious, ridiculously fabulous. Just stop it. Unless you plan to come out here to San Diego and be all those things to me in person. I MISSSSSSSSSSS you.
    I love you 😉

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