Comfort Food: Ice Cream, Chocolate and Canned Cranberry Jelly

This is going to be my easiest blog post ever. The topic is comfort foods. Two of them will be no-brainers for most people. The other one is steeped in family tradition.

If I’m happy, I love to eat ice cream and chocolate–preferably together. When I’m sad, I have to eat ice cream and chocolate–preferably together. Those are just my rules. They’re simple, and they’re easy to follow. Those two comfort foods work for all occasions, and they’ve never, never–not ever–let me down. That’s not to say that they’re miracles because I’ve been known to pack on a few pounds when I’m in desperate need of comfort food. So, I will admit that they should come with a warning: “The ice cream and chocolate you’re about to enjoy will 100% offer you the comfort you desire. However, be warned, they will also 100% add to weight gain. Eat at your own risk.”

Now, the other comfort food goes back to my childhood, and my children are following in this family tradition. It’s an easy one, and the speed to which it can end up on your holiday table can be measured by how fast your electric can opener works.

If I go to someone else’s house for Thanksgiving, I sneak in the canned cranberry jelly (not the sauce with those pieces of cranberry in it–that’s just not the right texture, and I will cry if I buy it by accident.) When the hostess talks about her family recipe for cranberry sauce, I smile politely. I dish out one spoonful onto my plate because I do have manners. But then I’ve been known to sneak my Ocean Spray Jellied Cranberry Sauce like I’m doing lines of coke under the table.

It’s become a joke in the family because my five kids all prefer the canned cranberry jelly, too. When we host Thanksgiving, we make everything from scratch. We don’t cut corners on anything, but that’s what makes the jelly so special. I always joke: “Just like my mama used to make” when I run that knife around the inside of the can and slide that blob of cranberry jelly into the Waterford crystal bowl with a satisfying plop. The ridges from the can on the outside of the jelly always makes me smile. Always.

I’m hoping they still have the canned cranberry jelly when my grandkids (which I don’t have yet) make their Thanksgiving dinner. I imagine them smiling and saying: “Just like my Grandma used to make.”

It’s the little things, people. Enjoy them!
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5 thoughts on “Comfort Food: Ice Cream, Chocolate and Canned Cranberry Jelly

  1. Jellied Cranbury Sauce FTW!!

    I’ve had the other, fancy kind. But I just don’t understand it. It’s like fruit preserves, but not. It’s like Jello with the fruit in it that my mom used to make and no one really liked. For me, it’s always the can-shaped medallion. Yum.

  2. Oh, honey. I feel your pain. I love cranberry sauce in any form, and always loved the canned version while I was growing up. The fact that I’ve learned other methods of making and eating the beloved C. Sauce doesn’t diminish my love for the jelly.

    There’s room on this planet for cranberry lovers of all kinds!

  3. I’ll be honest, the cranberry jelly grosses me out. But I am totally on board with the ice cream and chocolate. You can sign me up for that anytime!

  4. KIM!!!!! I knew I loved you and this whole time I thought it was for all those other reasons. You know, that you’re a fabulous mom, talented writer, guaranteed person to make others laugh and smile. But now I know the real reason…. you are a CRANBERRY JELLY girl!!!! When you said you cry if you get home and realize you’ve bought a can of the wrong stuff, the kind with the chunks of cranberry when you really wanted the gelatinous stuff, I was like YES!!!!!! EXACTLY! I always make sure and buy one extra can before the holiday season is over (because sometimes June rolls around and you can’t find the good stuff on the shelves anymore) and keep it in my pantry. I try so hard not to open it and eat it. I just feel so good having at least one little Ocean Spray can of it in my pantry. Oh Kim. I’m so happy to hear you’ve passed this tradition on. It will live on in the hearts of many! I love you. Thanks for the laughs, again. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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