Week 3: the Mermaids Dive into NaNo

Week 3 already, and we are just now a little over the halfway point! How are all my NaNo friends doing? Let’s finish out this month strong, shall we? You can do it! Yes,  you can! We believe in you! Go go go!

Check out the mermaids’ word counts below. As you can see, some of us are on track to “win”. . . some of us are a little behind . . . but we are all winners because we have committed to making forward progress on our manuscripts this month!

After 16 days, NaNo suggests a word count of 26,672 to be on track to reach the 50,000 goal.

Our word counts are as follows:

Denny: 18,500 words

Kim: 26,182 words

Carlene: 5,599 words

Alethea: 9,686 words

Pintip: 20,137 words

Mermaid total: 80,194 words

Holy moly! Just look at that mermaid total! I’m so proud of my fellow mermaids and so proud of all of you who have committed to NaNo, as well!

As a bonus, Kerri-Mermaid, who is participating in her very own NaNoREVMo this month, has reported that she has finished the first draft of her WIP and is starting revisions on her next book. WOW! Check out that productivity! Go Kerri go!!

Please share. Are you participating in NaNo this year? How is your progress?


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