Where do I Write?

Hiya lagoon! Pintip Mermaid here to talk to you about my favorite writing places….

Mermaid post writing place


Medium on which I write: my cell phone! I’ve written and revised my last six novels entirely on my cell phone, with the screen locked in portrait position, so that the keys are close enough together to tap without pain


Most unusual place I’ve written: flat on my back underneath a glass coffee table, with my laptop open and facedown on the glass, dictating into my microphone


Most productive place I’ve written: in the car, at the parking lot library, for eight entire hours. Two words: no distractions!


Most regular place I write: on the recliner in my bedroom, since the neck and shoulder support is good when my fibromyalgia flares up


Most chaotic place I’ve written: Today! At the kitchen table at my friend’s house, with five kids, one toddler, and one dog running around, making slime, eating lunch, and playing games — one with pink eye, one with a broken collarbone, one with a stomach bug, and one with a bruised pinky toe. The injuries weren’t my fault, I swear!


Place where I’ve written the longest number of consecutive hours: on the airplane to Thailand (which includes the layovers). I wrote for 20 hours straight.


Oh, and guess what? This is unrelated to the post, but I just finished my second-round edits for SEIZE TODAY, the the conclusion of my FORGET TOMORROW series!!!! WHEEE!!!!!!


What are your favorite places to write? Let me know in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear!!!

4 thoughts on “Where do I Write?

  1. Great post, Pintip! I can’t believe you wrote for 20 hours straight! I can’t even imagine. Congrats on finishing the edits. What a relief that must be!

  2. Pintip, I love how you broke your post down into categories. That is very cool! Just like you. I think the thing I love most is that you find ways around anything that pops up in your path and you write. It shows your love and dedication. I hope your writing brings you as much happiness as it does to your readers. Love you, friend.

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