Let The Write One In


It is time for some Word Wars.


This year for NaNoWriMo it’s THE BATTLE OF THE BLOGS!

The Waterworld Mermaids are battling Romance on the Rocks — it’s all about who will write the most words as a team. The winner will receive a pretty badge to post on their website…but mostly, we want bragging rights!

Also this month, the Waterworld Mermaids will be hosting authors from all over the world — they’ll be stopping by the lagoon to tell you all about one thing they cannot write without.

Drop in and see which author has the most in common with you!

So, who out there is doing NaNo this year?

Let’s buddy up and do this thing.   Now GET BACK TO WRITING!


Waterworld MermaidsMermaid Profiles on the NaNoWriMo Website:

Denny S. Bryce (Denny S. Bryce)

Princess Alethea (Alethea Kontis)

Question Lady (Kerri Carpenter)

kmaccarron (Kimberly MacCarron)

Carlene Love Flores (Carlene Love Flores)

P.H. Dunn (Pintip Dunn)




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