Do You Hear What I Hear…

The question in the lagoon this month: What’s the one thing you cannot write without?

Today’s answer comes from the Waterworld Mermaids’ very own Kerri Carpenter.

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I have to keep this short and sweet today. Why? Because it’s NaNo month of course.

Wait, you don’t know what NaNo is? Allow me to explain. Writers from all over the galaxy are trying to write at least 50,000 words during the month of November. Intense, right?

Even more crazysauce is that the Waterworld Mermaids are in a tight competition with the writers over at Romance on the Rocks. Who can write the most words? Fingers crossed for the lagoon! Now, back to the question at hand.

The one thing I absolutely, under no circumstances, no way Jose, cannot write without is… Music!

Some writers need absolute quiet. Others love them some background noise. Me? I gotta have the tunes. For the most part, any music will do. However, I do have some favs. Without further ado, here’s my list:

Field of Dreams Soundtrack

I love the movie and I love the soundtrack. I listen to this constantly.

Random Playlists I Create

I love creating playlists and sometimes I’ll do one inspired by whatever I’m working on. For example, in my contemporary romance, The Best Kind of Love, Penelope and Ethan were created by listening to a lot of Lady Antebellum. I considered the song, “Dancing Away with My Heart,” to be Penelope and Ethan’s song.

Anything by John Williams

John Williams is the man! Like a song from a movie? He probably came up with it. I’ve been listening to his Greatest Movie hits for the last couple months. Star Wars, Superman, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, and soooo many more.

Random Artists

I really do listen to a ton of different music but I will admit I have some go-to’s. Colbie Caillat, John Mayer, Paul Simon, Lady Antebellum, Ben Folds Five, Ashley Monroe, and more.

Christmas Music

I love Christmas music so freaking much! I would listen to it all year long, but I do restrain myself. However, I’m currently working on a Christmas story so it’s been all Christmas, all the time. Bring on Bing, Mariah Carey, and the Chipmunks. I’m in Heaven! (And thank you to the Hallmark Channel for already playing Christmas movies!)

Alright, folks. That’s it for me. I’m off to fire up The Carpenters’ (no relation) Christmas album and get back to the writing.



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4 thoughts on “Do You Hear What I Hear…

  1. Kerri,
    I usually need music, too. Although I can write without it. Because I’ve been known to write on my phone in the soccer stands while I’m pretending to watch my kids play. lol. Not many times, but it has happened.
    As for Christmas music!!!! I freaking love Christmas music. My daughter came down yesterday morning and said, “Check out what I’m listening to!” She puts one of her earbuds in my ear, and it’s Christmas music. I’m like: “Kaitlin, it’s too early for Christmas music. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet.” But now I’m thinking about rethinking that rule because I’m feeling like I gotta get me some Christmas music. Let’s listen to that kid with the shoes song. LOL! I know how much we both adore that one.
    I wrote a Christmas scene the other day, and I HAD to listen to “My Grownup Christmas List” because that is my favorite–favorite–FAVORITE Christmas song ever, and I put a few lines of the lyrics in my book.
    Think Mike’s has its decorations up yet? *hint, hint* *wink, wink*

    1. Hmmmm, well, we should probably check out those decorations. Since Mike’s went to all the trouble of putting them up.

      Christmas Shoes – awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! I despise that song.

  2. I. Miss. You. You silly mermaid. I love this! You sound like a great candidate for Spotify. Plus if you join, we can follow each other. 🙂

    Love you, Hero!

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