Cannot Write Without: Steven Silver

The question in the lagoon this month: What’s the one thing you cannot write without?

Today’s answer comes from multiple Hugo Award nominated author and editor: Steven Silver.


Several years ago, I was in a writing group for a short period of time.  Each time we got together, I would circulate my works in progress to the other members and usually two or three of them would circulate their works.

Invariably, several people would circulate excuses.  “I didn’t have the time.” or “My computer was down.”  I kept thinking “You had a deadline.  You find the time.  You make the time.” or “You didn’t have a pencil?  A pen?  Paper?  A receipt?”

I’ve written things on my phone if that was the only way to get the words down and I’ve remembered things I’ve wanted to write by repetitive memory so that they would stick with me until I got to a computer or paper.  So there are very few specific physical things I need to write.

I need a method of getting the words down so they’ll be there when I need them.  I don’t need a special keyboard or a magic pencil or a cup of tea (although the last is nice to have). So, what is the one thing I can’t write without…my imagination.


Steven is a fabulous man who admits that his own website is a little behind the times. So instead, for more information I will direct you all to the website he maintains:

2 thoughts on “Cannot Write Without: Steven Silver

  1. It’s such an honor to have you here in the lagoon, Steven. Thank you for keeping that so simple and to the point. Here’s to many more unhindered moments between you and your imagination. Cheers!

  2. Thanks so much for coming by and sharing your inspirational words. I think there are some things it’s hard to write without, but overall I agree. Alas, I REALLY wish I had that magic pencil. That would be so cool.
    And it IS nice to have a cup of tea.

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