Cannot Write Without: Liz DeJesus

The question in the lagoon this month: What’s the one thing you cannot write without?

Today’s answer comes from fantastic fairy tale author : Liz DeJesus.

Liz will be giving away pdf copies of her gorgeous Frost series (three books!) to one lucky commenter today. So…what can’t YOU write without?? Be sure to comment below!


Bella Cinderella!I can’t write without my gel pen and my Moleskine notebook.

I get easily distracted by the internet if I try to write directly onto my computer. I end up writing a sentence and then going to Facebook to see what all of my friends are up to.

So with a notebook and pen there’s less distractions for me (thank goodness for the Do Not Disturb button on my iPhone. Otherwise I’d never get any writing done).


Liz DeJesus was born on the tiny island of Puerto Rico.  She is a novelist, freelance writer, writing coach and a poet. She has been writing for as long as she was capable of holding a pen. Find out more about Liz and her gorgeous books on her website:!

Frost series

8 thoughts on “Cannot Write Without: Liz DeJesus

  1. Aw, gel pens. I miss those.
    I cannot write without music. Otherwise it’s too loud or too quiet and I look at other people too much.

  2. I used to do all my writing on my ipad to GoogleDocs >.>
    I’m still trying to find a better alternative…

  3. I mostly write in Scrivener (PC, and I wish their iPad version would come out soon!). When I get stuck and have to work through something, though, I go back to pen and paper. I love fountain pens — I have a great set of multi-colour disposable ones from Staples. And I write in Circa notebooks from Levenger so I can move pages around easiy.

  4. I love my Moleskin notebooks! Or, I did. Mostly, I’ve given them up for Scrivener or StorySkeleton, my plotting app on the iPad.

    Welcome to the lagoon! It’s so nice to hear from someone as easily distracted as I am… 🙂

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