Talking Kisses

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Jason Aldean…”I can taste the midnight on your lips. Makes me just wanna lean in for another kiss.” Tonight Looks Good On You

Little Big Town…”I wanna taste her lips yeah cuz they taste like you.” Girl Crush

Toby Keith…”You shouldn’t kiss me like this unless you mean it like that, cuz I’ll just close my eyes and I won’t know where I’m at.” You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This

Jason Mraz…”Curl your upper lip up and let me look around, ride your tongue along your bottom lip then bite down…Kiss me with your eyelashes tonight.” Butterfly

Casey James…”I miss the way you weren’t ashamed, the way you never closed your eyes.” Miss Your Fire

Mikky Ekko…”One taste, I’m a full blown addict.” Love You Crazy

Rihanna…”Chest to chest, nose to nose…wrist to wrist, toe to toe, lips that felt just like the inside of a rose.” California King Bed

Maroon 5…”Leaving your taste on my shoulder…” Woman

David Cook…“I’m as drunk as the morning sun, a ball of fire and I’ve just begun, to drink you in.” Wait For Me

Hozier…”Honey, just put your sweet lips on my lips, we could just kiss like real people do.” Like Real People Do

Ed Sheeran…”Your heart’s against my chest, your lips pressed to my neck, I’m falling for your eyes but they don’t know me yet.” Kiss Me

Kings of Leon…”The tip of your tongue, the top of your lungs is doing my head in.” Beautiful War

Tove Lo…’Lips, lips I kiss, bite me while I taste your fingertips.” Talking Body

That right there is my kissing playlist. Like fingerprints, each and every kiss given and received is unique. Did those kisses come alive for you just now the way they did for me? Did they take on a life of their own and tell a story? When I read those lines, I hear longing, passion, addiction, heartbreak, immense desire and pleasure and also sweetness and depth. I hear promises and deals being made between the giver and recipient whether they are seasoned lovers or friends tiptoeing with the decision to take things further.

As a romance writer and reader and fervent music nut, written kisses are one of my favorite things to get lost in. My post is simple today, to inspire you by way of the beauty of lips coming together and leaving their mark.

I’d love to hear from you now. What are your favorite “kiss” songs? Favorite movie kisses? Favorite book kisses? Favorite set of kissable lips? If you’re feeling creative and in the mood to share, I’d love to read how you would personally describe a kiss.

Here is a kissable line that I wrote this week in my current untitled work in progress:

“My kiss felt so small against his shoulder but when I looked up into his eyes, I saw its true size.” Carlene Love Flores

Wishing you many well-placed kisses my fishy friends!

KMW CoverAnd psst, don’t forget to pre-order Kerri Mermaid’s totally kissable upcoming book, Kissing Mr. Wrong! It releases May 26th and I cannot wait to get lost in that one.

Fishy kisses,

Carlene Mermaid

17 thoughts on “Talking Kisses

    1. Hello Kai! Thank you for swimming by, so good to see you! The Kings are some of the best songwriters, don’t you think? They’re lyrics are so clever and sexy. Love them. Hope that character is having fun, 😉 xoxoxoxxoxo

  1. I love talking about kissing! Since you mention Kissing Mr. Wrong, I thought I’d share a little sneak peek. (And I listened to a lot of John Mayer while writing this story.) Enjoy! 😉

    His heart sped up again. She was tall—one of his favorite traits in a woman—and she fit just right with his body. He couldn’t seem to look anywhere but at her lips. Lips that were a soft red. Lips that parted seductively as he continued to stare.

    Lips that, before he knew it, called to him louder than anything he’d ever heard.

    Ignoring every good manner he’d been taught growing up, and all of the training and patience he’d learned in the Army, he framed her face with his hands and kissed her.

    1. Thank you for giving us this surprise sneak peek, Kerri Mermaid! …Ignoring every good manner he’d been taught…. LOVE!

      Ooo, now I’m curious which John Mayer songs? Slow Dancing in a Burning Room perhaps?


  2. What are your favorite “kiss” songs?
    Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer

    Favorite movie kisses?
    The ending of Pride & Prejudice (2005) Oh how I love Mr. Darcy!

    Favorite book kisses?
    I love all the book kisses, especially that first kiss. Gets me every time.

    Favorite set of kissable lips?
    You mean other Stefan?? Chris Pine, David Gandy, Sam Heughan and Michael Fassbender would do nicely

  3. Sweet Liz! My head is spinning a wonderful spin right now! You really brought it with the examples. High fishy five, xoxoxox.

    …kiss me down by the broken tree house… so romantic

    Yes, other than Stefan (wink–who looks to be blowing you a big one right now) I’d say that would be one very nice group kiss! Hahahaha. Thank you for swimming by, my dear. Kisses, xoxoxox.

  4. Fave kiss song – Kiss by Prince, of course!
    Fave movie kiss – Spiderman’s upside downer!
    Fave book kiss – each one described in your Wicked Flower that I just finished reading!
    Fave kissable lips – Elvis Presley & Brad Pitt!
    Fave kiss description is funny but true – a kiss is simply an upper body persuasion to a lower body invasion! 3 cheers for weak in the knees!!

    1. Hi Mom! It’s always a treat to have Mama Carlene Mermaid here in the pond. I love that you enjoyed Wicked Flower. xoxo
      That is a WONDERFUL description of a kiss. Wow. Just wow. Love you!

  5. Carlene,
    This was such a cool post! I love kissing. I love hearing about it, reading about it, doing it. haha.
    Since I like YA, (for the song) I’m going with Taylor Swift’s Fearless: “You pull me in, and I’m a little more brave/It’s the first kiss, it’s flawless/Really something, it’s fearless.” And I loved what she said about being fearless. “Being fearless isn’t being 100% not fearful. It’s being terrified but you jump anyway…” LOVE THAT!
    One of my favorite movie kisses is NEVER BEEN KISSED. When he runs out onto the baseball field to give Drew Barrymore her first kiss at the end in front of the packed stadium. Ahhh. So sweet.

    1. Oh Kim! Taylor Swift is like a big giant kiss to our ears! I love her too. I think she is the embodiment of YA.
      Love that movie. Such a good choice. Drew is definitely kissable, she’s so darn adorable.
      And you made me smile with your “I love hearing about it, reading about it, doing it.” You too are precious and adorable. Catch my kiss, it’s coming your way. xoxoxo

    1. Hi Kate!!! Oh, that is so cool. You know there is one very key band missing, I just realized. Favorite DM kissing song? We’ll have to brainstorm and come up with one to add. xoxoxoxoxoxo

          1. Duh, how could I forget….”Somebody”!

            I want somebody
            Who will put their arms around me
            And kiss me tenderly

    1. Why of course, Susan Mermaid! I know I’ve seen the North and South miniseries but not sure if it’s the BBC version. Either way, those unrequited kisses that take so long to come about are some of the very best. Anticipation, build up, yes definite shivers! Mwah! xoxoxoxo

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