Kissing Mr. Wrong

I’m a very excited Mermaid today. Why? Because my new book, KISSING MR. WRONG, comes out in less than 3 weeks!!! *glitter toss*

This novella is the first of three stories in the Wrong Man series being released by Entangled Publishing on May 26. Here’s a short blurb:

After a lousy day, graphic designer Vanessa Hewitt decides to drown her sorrows in a sexily satisfying man she’ll never see again. Three months later, however, she learns that her hot hook-up is actually her best friend’s younger brother, John Campbell―and they have to plan an engagement party together. Now John and Vanessa have to hide the truth. The only trouble is that Mr. Wrong is starting to look a lot like Mr. Very Right…

Sound good? How about a cover reveal? Sound better? Enjoy…

KMW Cover

Even better yet? KISSING MR. WRONG is up for pre-order on Amazon.

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Off to count down the days until my May 26 Release Day…. Happy Reading!




11 thoughts on “Kissing Mr. Wrong

  1. The countdown is on, Hero!!!! I just pre-ordered it and it looks and sounds completely sparkly and amazing just like you. So. Proud. Of. You. xoxoxoxoxox

  2. Kerri! I love the cover! And it sounds amazing. Can’t wait to read it. Would you consider him glitterhunktastic? Is that the word? lol

    1. Thanks Kim! He might possibly be glitterhunktastic. Or just plain yummylicious! 😉

  3. Woohoo so exciting!! And just in time for official start to summer (or Memorial Day, which I consider the start to summer)!!

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