Letting Your Moments Breathe

Mermaid-Carlene-300x225Do you ever wonder if you’re the only one replaying that spark-filled first date a zillion times in your mind or reliving that soul-clenching performance by your favorite band the whole two hours long ride it takes to get home from their concert? Do you ever wonder if the experiences in your life mean way more to you than they do to the other people who experienced them with you?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how deeply I’m affected at times in my life by certain people and experiences. Sometimes I worry that I’ve put a more-than-is-normal amount of time and thought and energy into not letting go of the moments. Am I starved for interaction? Is that a bad thing? I just don’t want to lose the inspirational feelings, the inside-smiles, and most importantly, the connections. I also, however, don’t want to be that person who can’t move on. The person whose today is not quite up to par with their wonderful yesterday. That’s all. I think, at least I hope, this is something most of us do and can relate to. As a writer, I feel so incredibly blessed because when I feel powerless against time and the gradual fading of these memories, I can always write them down and capture them and keep them in that very special way that writers do. 

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Perfect moments don’t need expectations put on them afterwards, so don’t do that to yourself or the moment. Just let it be perfect. Just let it breathe. If you leave it alone in this way, it will live on in your memory and serve your heart, soul and mind as it was intended to do. It may even revisit you sometime in the future when you’re least expecting it. It will never leave you. It will always be a part of you, there when you need it, affecting your present and future right there from the everlasting past. 

Your true souvenir? Yourself. You’ve come out of this affected and therefore different, stronger, quirkier, better. 

The time I met my musical heroes, Depeche Mode, I printed out a picture from our meeting and wrote along the top of the frame, “This moment in time was mostly mine, but it was a little bit yours too, and that makes me smile.” That was nine years ago. I can still feel and smell and see everything that happened that day. I also wrote a five-books-to-date series about that experience. That moment is forever mine and forever theirs and now, forever my readers’. It’s okay that I’ve thought about it a million more times than anyone else has. 

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I’m thankful everyday for the gift of being a writer. Without it, I think I’d be so locked in my head, trying to never let go of the past, that I’d forget to open my eyes and see and be a part of today. I can make a very heartfelt promise to any and all who cross my path that I will remember you. I will take what you’ve given me, whether it was a passing smile or a life-lasting long conversation and hold it close to my soul. But I also promise to let you breathe. Because ultimately, I want the best for you. Breathing is good, breathing is life. If you’ve touched my life, imagine the wonderful lives you have yet to touch. 

Friends, how do you cherish and hold onto your most precious memories? 


6 thoughts on “Letting Your Moments Breathe

  1. So beautifully written and described, Carlene! I have a feeling your todays and tomorrows will always be up to par with your yesterdays. When you look for the beauty in everyday things and feel so much joy in the world around you, your tomorrows will take care of themselves.
    My husband doesn’t believe in taking lots of pictures and videos to document each moment in our lives. For every few minutes you take to record or take a snapshot of the moment, you lose all the moments right before and after. I used to try to video my daughter on the soccer field, and I realized what he meant. While I was trying to get the right angle or getting frustrated because i couldn’t record the movement just right, I was missing the actual game. And my daughter. Now I don’t even try. I just watch. And enjoy.
    I have a funny feeling that you’ve touched people who’ve come into your life just as much as they’ve touched yours. You’ve certainly touched mine.
    Love that Emerson quote! Love. It! Loveit! LOVE IT. Did I mention I love it? 🙂

  2. Good morning, Kim. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I love how you said this, “For every few minutes you take to record or take a snapshot of the moment, you lose all the moments right before and after.” And I’m glad you liked the Emerson quote. Gosh, I really do cherish what you’ve said here. Here’s to many, many more hours of watching your children’s lives through your beautiful eyes, unfiltered, uninterrupted. xoxoxo

  3. Memories, photos, music & smells are the smiles in our hearts. Thank you for being such a large part of mine.

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