The VOICE, Romance, Weapons, and Outlander: My Mind on a Thursday

Denny (PortRoyale)I write romantic suspense, except this week I’ve been doing more researching than writing☺…

I am working on my second book in a three-book series about three sisters (relatives:). And as I am apt to do, I’m writing the first draft during NaNoWriMo (just hit the link, and you’ll find out all about it, if you don’t already know). And since its November 6 and I’m talking research, I’m behind. However, let’s not dwell on the negative. Today, because I’ve been in the rabbit hole for a few days now, I decided to share some of the FUN findings from my research—

So let me get right to it!

First find – Rory Miller’s blog – He is hysterical, but also a weapons expert. I know I said funny, but seriously, read anything the man writes, and you will crack up. His wit and sarcasm—well, I want to take a class from him. Sure, I also want to learn more about firing guns. (For those who saw me this summer at the RWA Kiss of Death KOD tour, you know—I could use help). But the way Rory talks about weapons and his lifestyle, well, I strongly recommend you check him out even if you don’t write RS (short-cut for romantic suspense☺).

Fiona Quinn’s blog is informative, smart, and always on point. I make regular visits to her website!

widescreen-adam-levine-background-1024x64020 Things to Know if You Love Someone with ADD is an article I came across randomly on a Google search, but it got me thinking about a character and conflict. And yes, I was swayed by the image used to promote this story.

I took at least five classes from Dr. Katherine Ramsland, Ph.D the first weekend in September at the 2014 Writers’ Police Academy. Informative and thought-provoking. Lots of goodness on her blog. And I do enjoy the first few words of her brief bio – She’s an expert on murder

What else is on my mind today? For those non-RS writers—I’d like to ask a question: What is the most surprising thing that has made you cry?

I weep through The VOICE…it’s embarrassing to admit, but especially the knock-out rounds when all the hopes and dreams are stripped away, and you’ve tried so hard to be the best you can be…(And yes, true, but also embarrassing).

And then just because its Thursday☺… and STARZ is an evil sadist for making fans of OUTLANDER wait until April 4 for the next episode (and I’ve read the books, but…look:)…

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My work is done!