Why My Life Is Like The Hunger Games

As some of you know, I have a newborn baby. And that sweet, darling child has made my life pintipcrazy busy these last few months. So busy that I’ve cut back on tv time, exercise time, relax-in-a-bubble-bath time — in essence, “me time” — until there’s nothing left to cut. So busy I fall into bed every night stressed about how little I accomplished — and how much more I need to do the next day. So busy I haven’t been able to read very many YA books.

This last, in particular, makes me very sad. That is, until I realized I don’t need to *read* YA stories. Because I’m living my very own!

Behold: Ten Reasons Why Having a Newborn Baby Is Like Living the Hunger Games

1. You can train and prepare and study all you want, but you won’t know what you’re in for until the moment you step into the arena. Even if you’ve been there before.

2. Your body is no longer your own. Instead, you will have a team of people poking and prodding at your naked form. After the team is done, you will not recognize yourself — whether it is your waxed eyebrows or stretched-out midsection.

3. Random gifts will rain down on you, from the sky or the UPS man. The more lovable you (or your baby) are, the more gifts you will receive.

4. You will find yourself tying or strapping everything in sight — car seats, bouncers, baby carriers, tree branches.

5. Your life is boiled down to the most basic needs. You try not to worry about the finer things (hygiene, hurt feelings, relationship drama) because you’re just trying to make it to the next day, alive. Said things have a way of creeping into your life, nonetheless.

6. Your basic needs are at the whim of the Game Makers/baby. You will eat when (and what) they allow you to eat. You will deal with more bodily functions than you ever thought possible. And if they want to keep you up for days at a time? Game on.

7. Just when you think you’ve figured out a routine that works, they change the rules.

8. You find yourself urging your breastfed baby to take one more sip, just as Cinna counseled Katniss to drink more water, as your child prepares to go into battle (i.e. face the evil bottle while you must be away for hours).

9. You will learn that allies are a necessity not an option.

10. The moment your baby enters this world, and maybe even before, you will pull a Katniss and protect your baby at all costs. Even if it means sacrificing your life.

So there you have it! The ten reasons why my life is like The Hunger Games. Either that, or I’m delusional. That tends to happen when writers are too busy for their normal outlets. πŸ˜‰

What do you think? What book are you secretly (or not so secretly) living? Please share!

14 thoughts on “Why My Life Is Like The Hunger Games

  1. Whoa! This post is especially topical because they’ve been airing The Hunger Games on ABC Family for the last week. (Which I just realized you probably haven’t had time to watch. Sorry!)

    Since I don’t have kids, the only advice I can offer you is, breathe, just breathe. Even The Hunger Games have to end at some point. And maybe when it’s all over you’ll get to wear an awesome dress that lights on fire. πŸ˜‰

    1. Oohh, that’s a great image, Kerri! I would love to wear a dress that lights on fire. And you’re right; I haven’t had time to watch but I love those movies. Hope you enjoyed enough for the both of us!

    1. Thanks, Loni! Yes, I imagine that much like Katniss is forever changed by the Games, these child-rearing issues last and last and last…

  2. And just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, and you and your LO have reached a dΓ©tente, it all changes again. Terrible twos, anyone?

    It’s an interesting question, asking what novel I’m living in. I immediately thought of Big Guy’s book: Water for Elephants. Because he really did run away and join the circus, of writing full time and making his own fortune (and falling love). And his True Love (me) really did need to be rescued – from her own self-denigrating thoughts.

    (Okay, so maybe that’s my book as well – but I’m the trapeze artist?)

    Great post, Pintip! Blessings again to your and yours.

  3. You forgot to mention you also have two other young children, which is Katniss’s equivalent of hauling Peeta around with his injured leg. Why yes, I did just compare your two gorgeous children to a gangrenous leg.

    1. Ha ha, you’re so right, Lynne. Good thing these kids are way cuter than a gangrenous leg — that’s how they get us to do things for them. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Can I just say how hard I just laughed at Lynne’s comment? She’s so funny. And it really made me giggle when you wrote this: Game Makers/baby.
    Loved this post, Pintip! One thing’s for sure, your creative mind is bountiful and just as beautiful as those three little ones lucky to call you mom.

    1. Lynne is hilarious. One of my favorite all-time comments on a mermaid post was from Lynne — the one where she talked about having her husband help her out with the positioning for a sex scene. In fact, that comment made it into my post last month. πŸ™‚
      And thanks so much, Carlene. I’m the lucky one, to be able to call you “friend.”

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